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Russian Folk Songs for Class 3

This Thursday, Class 3 had a special visitor who came all the way from Russia.

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This Thursday, Class 3 had a special visitor from overseas. Erika Mikhailova's grandfather, Mikhail, came to visit from Russia and brought along his balalaika, a Russian traditional folk string instrument. The children learned that the balalaika has an unusual triangular shape, was invented over three hundred years ago and only has three strings that make it sound close to a ukulele. He also showed the children a typical Russian folk outfit from a couple of centuries ago - bright colored shirt, kosovorotka with a rope used as a belt, and black hat with a visor called a kartuz that used to be decorated with a flower on festive occasions.

The children listened to a Russian melody and many had a go on the balalaika, and at the end of the visit Class 3 thanked their visitor with spasibo, which is the Russian word for thank you!

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