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The next Parent Education seminar will take place on Friday 29th August from 9.20 - 10.50am, and will be presented by Dr Narelle Savage and Katherine Juillerat.

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Nurturing ourselves is largely a task in balance – how to meet the needs of others, whilst ensuring that we look after and nurture our body, soul and spirit. The aim is to truly keep “body, soul and spirit together in a harmonious whole”.
We will take a peek at this, who are we; and what really nurtures us – from within, and from without? We will also cover how to care for ourselves with minimum effort and minimum cost from an anthroposophical and human perspective. 

Dr Narelle Savage is an anthroposophical General Practitioner working with integrative medicine, supporting the well-being and healing of the human being, of all ages, out of the forces of nature & spiritual understanding of the human being. 
She has a background in Steiner Education, nursing, mental health & eastern medicine. Areas of special interest include child health, emotional & mental well-being, women’s health & cancer support.

Katherine Juillerat is an anthroposophical nurse. Integral to anthroposophical nursing is warmth, rhythm and touch, therapeutically used in various forms, with plant substances to support healing. Katherine provides therapeutic nursing care, support and education. She encourages self-care of her patients, with simple therapies to help support them.

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