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Our next Parent Education seminar will be held this evening at the Castlecrag campus and will be presented by Lisa Romero.

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Lisa Romero has been teaching male/ female studies and sexuality and gender courses in the light of Steiner education since 1999. She will be sharing with parents what and when we bring these issues towards children at different stages of their development and how to work with these topics in the health education of all ages of childhood. This talk will cover some of the main issues confronting child health and wellbeing in current times, and how we can counter the unbalancing effects. Lisa will be giving an in depth course on this subject at our school on the weekend of the 28th till 30th of August. For more information go to

Lisa Romero is a respected speaker on gender issues, meditation and spiritual development in Steiner schools around Australia. She is well known for her compelling, exceptionally informative and entertaining lectures. Lisa works as a complementary healthcare provider,  teacher and lecturer working out of Anthroposophy. She provides a very thorough and accessible Anthroposophic understanding of parenting. She is the author of two books The Inner Work Path and Developing the Self, which will be available for purchase at the lectures.

When: Wednesday August 26th, 7.30pm
Where: Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, Castlecrag Campus

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