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Movements at the Station 2017

Movements at the Station 2017

The end of the year brings movement, and we both farewell a number of teachers and staff who are leaving Glenaeon as well as look forward to new people who will join us in 2018.

Moving out:

Teaching and Learning/ Drama: Delaney Crawley: is moving to Samford Valley Steiner School to be High School Administrator: our loss is their gain and we look forward to hearing of legendary drama productions in the Samford environs.

Biology/Science: Jessica Huybrechts: is moving to the Central Coast and the CC Steiner School will be the lucky recipients of her children Jeremy and Finn (from our Class 3 and K).

Mathematics: Anna Hayes is moving to Canberra where her husband has been appointed Head of School at Marist College.

Little Kindergarten: Jutta Schulte (Little Kindy) has found the travel from the northern beaches too arduous and leaves with regret.

Music: Pru Borgert is moving back to Bellingen to teach at Bellingen High.

Year 8: Ben Waters: will be finishing at the end of the year. We thank him for his great contribution to Year 8 and we wish him well for his new family and the future.

Enrolments Registrar Karen Scott is moving to the outskirts of Bellingen, and a role as Administrative Assistant at Chrysalis Steiner School.

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Moving in:

1: Roger Richards, who filled in so very ably for Class 6 this year will be our new Class 1 teacher in 2018. Roger is a management accountant who held managing director roles in business, retrained in Steiner Education at the Warrenwood Seminar and has ten years’ experience in Steiner stream schools in Melbourne.

Drama: Jacqueline Won, a very competent HSC teacher with 12 years’ experience at Casimir College in Marrickville will be joining us as Drama teacher.

Science: Jwan Khasraw-Khal has an impressive academic record in Biochemistry, including a PhD from the University of Birmingham in the UK, a career in pharmaceutical research and as Research Coordinator at Deakin University, Geelong. She has recently retrained as a teacher and comes with excellent references from her prac placements at Ravenswood and Killara High.

Maths: Robyn Kinkead returns after a one year absence

Enrolments Registrar: Chandra Kennedy has a background in social work and child protection, and more recently in marketing, skillsets which together will translate into the registrar role.

In Year 7 we welcome Elena Rowan teaching Year 7 alongside Brendan Strobl who brings this year’s Class 6 into high school.

In Year 8, Sophie Forman and Ella Pooley will be Class Teachers to the year group.

Moving Back:

Liza Lillicrap returns from Leave to resume her position as German teacher.

Ann Jacobson returns from Leave to take up a part time role as mentor for Class Teachers providing curriculum support and lesson planning.

Lynne Collett returns from Leave to take up a part time role providing Library support for both Senior and Junior Libraries.

Restructure of Educational Executive:

Manu Prasad has resigned as Senior College Coordinator, and will resume his full time role as the Senior Music teacher, one which he carries with great flair and professionalism, as evidenced by the last School Concert which was such a huge success. I personally thank Manu for the work and care he has put into the carriage of the Senior School over the last six years, in particular his contribution to the reworking of the Projects in Year 12 and the review of the Years 11 and 12 curriculum.

This move will provide an opportunity to restructure the High School executive roles, in conjunction with the new Guardian structure, to be Mentor roles. The Senior and Middle School Coordinator positions will be subsumed by new positions building around existing roles:

Director of Students: Dani Finch’s two roles of Middle School Coordinator and Student Coordinator role will combine in a single role, and will cover significant student issues from K-12.
Director of Studies: Liz Nevieve’s Curriculum Coordinator position will expand to take in the Year Advisor roles of Years 9, 10 and 11, and be responsible for Exams and Reporting:
Director of Teaching: This new position will manage teacher performance and quality of teaching issues, and will replace the Teaching and Learning Coordinator role. The position is currently being advertised.
Senior School Mentor role will manage the HSC cohort, and provide specific support to Year 12.

End of Year:

Wishing all families a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year!



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