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Mother's Day Pampering in Class 3

A special memory the mothers of Class Three will remember always: a Mother’s Day pampering afternoon!

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A special memory the mothers of Class Three will remember always. A Mother’s Day pampering afternoon! The children prepared a beautiful high tea of cheesecake, lemon cupcakes and chocolate dipped fruit. They poured their mothers some delicious tea into precious china, before taking them into the candle lit class for a pampering session. The mothers were guided by their children to a seat, their shoes lovingly taken off and their feet placed into a lemon foot bath. Soothing music played as the children massaged their mother’s hands with sphagni rose oil. After a calming footbath, the children dried their mother’s feet and massaged them with soothing oils. The pampering session ended with the gift of a rose, the archetype of balance. Lots of hugs and kisses were shared.

We hope the mothers feel loved and held. It is so lovely to have them on the receiving end and sharing special moments with their beautiful children. 

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