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Class One celebrated completion of their Introduction to Capital Letters Main Lesson last week.

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What a wonderful way to learn the alphabet! Class One celebrated completion of their Introduction to Capital Letters Main Lesson last week by having a treasure hunt in the playground followed by ‘Lottie Letters’ Party’. 

In the playground, the Class looked for a letter of the alphabet and then discovered the word which began with that letter. 
A – arrows 
B – balance beams 
C – corner 
D - diamond 
E – edge 
F – fort 
G – gutter 
H – house 
I – igloo 
J – jumping jacks 
K – kindergarten 
L – Lottie Letters’ Party 
M – monkey bars 
N – non-stop tag 
O – open 
P – puzzle 
Q - quiet, queue 
R – rope ladder 
S – sandpit 
T – tree 
U – umbrella 
V – violin 
W – water 
X – x marks the spot 
Y – yellow 
Z – zig zag

For the menu at Lottie Letters’ Party, Class One parents were very creative, providing vegetables or fruits beginning with that letter or cutting food into letter shapes. 
Everyone enjoyed: Apples, cacao Balls, Carrots and Celery, D, Eggs, Figs, Grapes, Hummus, Iced Tea, Juice, Kiwi fruit, L, M, N, Oranges, P, Quinoa, R, S, T, U, V, Watermelon, Hot X Buns, and Zucchini. 
Over the course of the last four weeks, Class One were introduced formally to the alphabet through imaginative fairy tale stories and pictures. The class practised moving the shapes of each letter in varying ways before writing them in their main lesson books. 
They jumped, hopped and skipped, drew them with wool, gemstones, their fingers, feet, in salt, in water, and with chalk. In this way, each child develops a living relationship with the letters and writing then engages their imaginations.
Thanks again to everyone who contributed in making Class One’s celebration festive, friendly and fun.

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