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Heart surgeon visits Year 10

Year 10 student, Chi Chi Pau, has written this reflection about the recent visit of heart surgeon, Emily Granger, to Year 10.

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Year 10 student, Chi Chi Pau, has written this reflection about the recent visit of heart surgeon, Emily Granger, to Year 10.

The heart is universally considered to be a place of emotions, especially love. Throughout history, it has carried a symbolic value that goes beyond its physical function as a pump. Everyone shares this connection at some point in their life, expressing it to someone or for everyone. At an early age, we are drawing hearts around names and in drawings; forward to high school, we learn the biological aspect of the heart. It is essentially, a pump that keeps us alive. 
Dr Emily Granger, a heart surgeon from St Vincent’s hospital, took Year 10 on an exciting tour around the heart. We followed the blood’s route around the muscular organ, and how it was oxygenated then supplied throughout the body.

Dr Granger is a calm and open person who is filled with passion for what she does. She has performed surgery on many people, saving their lives. In this case, four pig hearts were given to us for educational purposes. She taught us that these were once part of a living creature, and we should value and respect it. 

Some students found it confronting to dissect the heart, while others were curious. I found it unsettling at first, but realised this to be a great experience and not something I would want to waste. After the guided tour, we were given time to fulfil our curiosity. Some students wore the practical uniform of a surgeon and dissected the heart. The most enriching experience for me was suturing a wound up. Dr Granger made an incision which replicated a stab wound, and we had to sew it up quickly to stem the blood flow. When I was sewing it up, I could visually see the heart being put back together, knowing that I had “saved” a life.
She gave us courage and interest that as the next generation of the future, we would be the ones to continue the study of biological functions, and perhaps be able to cure more people from debilitating illnesses and brighten their lives again. This was a rewarding experience for Year 10, and made us hopeful for the future.

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