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Glenaeon Alumni - Where Are They Now?

Richard Claremont (82’) is now an internationally acclaimed and prolific Australian artist.

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Richard Claremont (82’) is an internationally acclaimed and prolific Australian artist. He has been exhibiting since the mid 1980s and his work is represented in both national and international collections. Richard has had an impressive 30-year art career and we are very proud of his success! Richard discovered his artistic talents at Glenaeon, thriving in creative subjects such as arts and languages. He fondly remembers the many lessons on mythology and folklore, which appealed to his sense of wonder about humanity and became a source of artistic inspiration. It was at Glenaeon that Richard experimented with different art practices and techniques, which led him to enrol at Sydney College of the Arts after completing his HSC. Since leaving school, Richard has consistently exhibited in Australia and his artwork is on permanent display at BlueScope Visitors Centre in Port Kembla. In late 2013, Richard was named a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize. 
Richard’s artwork juxtaposes the natural and synthetic worlds, oftentimes blurring the lines between the two. His unique talent in capturing the simplicity of a subject whilst simultaneously commentating on its inner fragility and beauty continues to resonate with audiences and critics alike. 

How did Glenaeon influence your career choice? 

Steiner education places a high value on integrating academic, practical and artistic interests. Glenaeon encouraged my creative pursuits and aided my personal development. As a student, I developed a fascination with folklore, mythology and ancient civilisations – themes that continue to inspire me in my artwork. 

What is your favourite Glenaeon memory?

My favourite school memory was lunchtimes with friends - many of which were spent at the bamboo patch. It was a popular spot just off one of the lower ovals, completely surrounded by bush. All the students would run wild - having sword fights and playing games. It was an absolute highlight! 

What can we expect in 2014? 

I am just about to start a series of paintings based on Port Kembla, which will be exhibited in Sydney later in the year. Also, I am continuing to work with private clients producing commissioned works. 

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