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Fundraising for MND

A former student, Josh Suntup, is currently fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease.

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Joshua Suntup graduated from Gleaneon in 2014 after being at our school since Kindergarten. In his gap year he has taken on an impressive initiative to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease.  He is currently in training in Cape Town and is planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in the first week of December to raise funds for research into this debilitating and usually fatal disease. Can you help Josh and help MND research? Please go to < > for more details and to see how you can help. Three years ago the world lost a great man to Motor Neuron Disease (or ALS). My grandfather was loved by anyone lucky enough to meet him due to his extraordinarily charming, engaging and caring nature. A highly social person, who took an active role in so many lives around him, it was that much more cruel that his final years would be affected by the incapacitating monster that is MND. 

In December of this year, I will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, sitting at 5895 m above sea level; and one of the 'Seven Summits' - the highest peaks on each continent of the globe. My hope is that my climb will help increase awareness, and contribute in some small way to research into MND.
Any donations made will initially go towards buying the special equipment I need to summit Kili. In return, once my climb is complete, I will match the money raised for me in a donation to MND Australia. 
Any donation, of any size will go a long way to firstly helping me achieve my dream of climbing the Seven Summits (starting of course with Kilimanjaro), and more importantly, to helping the scientists working tirelessly to rid this world of what must surely be one of the cruelest diseases ever known to man.

To donate towards this great cause, please visit

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