Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Farm Returns to School

In 2013, Class 6 worked hard sewing together animals to make a play farm ready for the silent auction at the fair.

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The intent of the students, as they formed each stitch to make an animal or a tree or a farmer, was part of their ‘work’ for the year. This beautiful farm earned record bids in the silent auction in 2013 and the happy recipient gained much joy, keeping it in their paediatrics office, where it was loved by the young patients
She appreciated the skill and love of the students so much, that she has donated it back to the class. 

Last week, the same class, now Year 9 students, came together to observe the result of their efforts and were in awe of what they had achieved. 
Year 9 are now thinking of what they might do with it to provide the same pleasure to other children.

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