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Farewell Year 12

Year 12 celebrated the last day of their Glenaeon Journey on Tuesday 19th September.

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Year 12 celebrated the last day of their Glenaeon Journey on Tuesday 19th September. The Class of 2017 was farewelled at an assembly by the school community in the morning after an early Year 12 breakfast prepared and hosted by the Head of School Andrew Hill and teachers. Then Class 12 walked through an archway created by all Glenaeon students leading down to the hall.
Beautiful poems and songs presented by the different classes brought before their eyes the very essence of what it means to be a part of this school and community: a deep sense of connection with each other in a very supportive environment.
A bus was waiting for the students as they stepped into their Mystery Tour, an event organised by the Guardians. The mystery tour required them all to be blindfolded on the bus as they were driven to The Rocks to meet their hosts for the day, Josh and Anthony from The Great Race, as their Masters of Fun for the Amazing Glenaeon Race around the city in six groups.
After some very uplifting and entertaining words and some riddle-solving, teams were on their way to solve mysteries, complete funny and challenging tasks such getting random people to join in a conga line, recreate a creative shot of animals in the zoo, find an old couple kissing and take a photo of them, get a business man to lend his tie for a group shot etc. There were road blocks, more creative tasks and brains were more needed than leg,s as it was more about smart planning than it was about fast running.

All six groups made it safely through the mandatory pit stops and arrived at the Domain for a final tally of all points before the winning group was declared.
Spirits were high as the students cooperated very well and displayed sportsmanship while tackling the tasks. Learning about each other’s strengths and all contributing towards a common goal of achieving good outcomes for the group, was a wonderful learning by-product of this very fun and entertaining last day of their learning journey!

We then walked towards Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, where Outdoor Education teacher KG had prepared a delicious meal for all of them consisting of wraps students could make and a fruit platter. Everyone was very hungry as they sat on the grass reflecting in many ways on the day that was and the years gone by as students at our school. 

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