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Compost pit for Castlecrag garden

New compost pit for the Castlecrag garden

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Last Saturday a group of parents, children and staff came together to make a compost pit for the Castlecrag garden. For two weeks, parents and children had been digging a hole over a metre deep into which we put layers of vegetable scraps, animal manures, dry leaves, lawn clippings, ash, lime, soil and sand, watering each layer as we went. We then ceremoniously added the biodynamic preparations 502 to 508 including the valerian which we stirred for 20 minutes. 

Sandra Frain, the course facilitator, explained the compost was a living being and that the preparations corresponded with the organs of the human body. She told us all a story of the soil we were standing on and explained how medicinal this new soil would be for the creatures that live in the soil, the plants that grow in the soil and the people who eat the plants that grow in the soil. She explained that the elements of the compost draw more goodness towards them and so just a small amount of the compost is enough to nourish a whole garden. While we were stirring and digging we cooked ourselves a delicious lunch on the fire which we all ate with relish after the hard work of the day was done.

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