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Class 4 History of Writing

Class 4 have been studying the History of Writing

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Class 4 have been studying the History of Writing in their main lesson and are making their own runes and their own paper. This week, the class was visited by Jill Elias, who has been making paper for more than 20 years. She has exhibited in galleries in Australia and Japan including Mosman Art Gallery, the Palm House Gallery and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Earlier in the day, the children guided by Elizabeth Ellean, soaked art board in warm water and blended it to a nice paper porridge, ready to make new recycled sheets of paper. Jill then showed the students how to design their own sheets of paper on a paper press, using the wet paper and dried flowers. The designs were then pressed and left to dry. Some students pressed their paper around a nearby tree trunk for extra effect! While this activity was going on outside, other students were inside with strelitzia or Bird of Paradise, which had been boiled with soda ash to make it alkaline and help the fibres break up, so they could lay out a couple of thin layers of stringy plant fibre one on top of this other and then thumb pressed, leaving these to dry to make something similar to papyrus.

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