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Monday morning was different to most mornings in Class Two.

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Monday morning was different to most mornings in Class Two. The children very excitedly walked into the craft room to meet Walangari Karntawarra, an Aboriginal artist and musician. His warmth and fun was embraced by all of the children as they lined up for their face painting. For we must be painted to dance! The line across the forehead representing our ancestors, our past. Across our nose, our ego, ourselves the present and our future; the lines along Walangari’s cheeks, representing his children, the future. The children learnt about bush-tucker, using plants in the play-ground, which led to lots of playtime fun! The didgeridoo was played, accompanied by clapping sticks with the children dancing the traditional emu, dingo and snake dance. This was wildly fun and the highlight of their morning. The session ended with painting, using the symbols for different animals, fathers, mothers, children, plants and weather.

A fabulous introduction to Class Two’s Dreamtime Stories Main Lesson. We hope to have Walangari back to take us into the bush and learn more.

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