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2015 Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives

The 2015 Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives will run from 11-16th January 2015.

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The 2015 Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives will run from 11-16th January 2015. Intensives for Classes 1-7 will run as separate courses in the same week at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 5a Glenroy Avenue, Middle Cove NSW 2099.

The Early bird Price runs until November 15th and is $500 for the 5-day Intensive. Bookings can be made via the direct link  

COURSE CONTENT - Each week will involve 38 hours covering pedagogical background, child development steps for that age, practical morning circle work, story content and practical activities for creating the Main Lessons, working with the visual and movement arts, music repertoire and integration of general academic curriculum. 

Review the indications, background reading and Main Lessons
Work with the arts to prepare lesson presentation
Deepen the child development background as linked to curriculum
Gather resources and view children’s Main Lesson books
Share with other teachers at the same Class level in a discussion forum
Prepare background aspects of their program and connect with mentor teachers

Lectures and Presentations 

Understanding and Supporting Children with Special Needs to Experience the Steiner Curriculum - Barbara Baldwin

Barbara Baldwin is a highly experienced Curative Educator and therapist who has developed and delivered Curative Courses all over the world. She is the director and main lecturer of the course being held at  Warrah School, including courses on the Twelve Senses, Spiritual Physiology, Speech and Language Difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Learning Styles and Classroom Difficulties.

The Development from Home Surroundings to the Geography Lessons in Classes 6 and 7- Terri McMillan

Terri McMillan has been a Class Teacher and High School Geography teacher at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School for over 25 years. She lectures at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar and recently she has been the writer of the Geography Curriculum Class 6/7-10 for the ASCF. She will present on the Geography Main Lessons in Class 6 and 7 – Australia and Beyond, Voyages of Discovery and Indigenous Societies.

Eurythmy Curriculum : How Etheric Forces work to Heal, Harmonise and Enliven– Diane Tatum

Diane Tatum, B.A., Eur Dip., M. Cur Eur, M. Ed.
Diane taught at the New York School after completing her Eurythmy training in Germany. She was then a member of the Eurythmeum Performing Group in Stuttgart before undertaking the Curative Eurythmy training. She has been a Eurythmy teacher at Kamaroi School in Sydney for 17 years and has tutored in Choreography, Child Observation and Inner Development as well as Eurythmy in the Advanced Diploma and the Curriculum Intensives for many years.

The Gift for the Children of Learning a Foreign Language –Ulrike Mendoza

Ulrike Mendoza studied to be a Class teacher in Germany as well as training to be a foreign language teacher in Russian and English. After 2 decades of teaching she began her Teacher training years and gained her Masters in Steiner Education in Oslo. She now has continued part-time work as an advisor on the German Schools association, teacher education and teaching children with special needs. She has published a German foreign language reader and a book titled Thinking in Steiner Pedagogy.


Bookings can be made via the direct link  
For enrolment enquiries please email: [email protected]

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