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Zoe Morley (2004)

In late September 2014, former Glenaeon student Zoe Morley (2004), came to talk to our Year 11's about life in business. We recently reconnected with Zoe at the 10 year reunion for the Class of 2004.

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Zoe Morley (2004) talking to our Year 11's about life in business.

Zoe has had a fascinating career since leaving school. After a degree in Digital Media at the Sydney University’s College of Fine Arts she worked at an orphanage in South Africa, and then as a photo-journalist on a project in Africa leading to a major fund-raising exhibition of her work from the trip. Back in Australia, she has now built a thriving business as a wedding photographer, covering over 40 weddings a year. She talked to the class about the joys and challenges of setting up and running her own business, the things to avoid and the things to learn. Business plans and budgets were all on the table, as were the effort and long hours that go into going solo in the business world. It was all invaluable advice and career guidance for our students, and coming from someone who had played in this very playground as a student. Zoe has no shortage of exciting adventures in the pipeline: it was inspirational to hear of her plans for a “Cairo to the Cape” motorcycle trip down the length of Africa as a photojournalist in 2016!

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