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Founders Day 2014

It was a very happy audience who listened as Hugh MacKay wove a spell of words at the Marion Mahony Griffin Lecture at our Founders Day on 18th October 2014.

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Founders Day

This distinguished author of 16 books and countless articles, and speaker on many radio interviews, was in fine form as he delivered the inaugural MMG Memorial Lecture in the Hall bearing Marion’s name at our Castlecrag campus. He balanced heart and head in a beautiful address based on his recently published book The Art of Belonging. His talk was about many things, balancing anecodotes, wise observations and current social research to show that human beings are natural community members. Traditionally we took this for granted, but today, we have to work on our relationships. They require maintenance, and acknowledgement: we can start with our neighbours and find community in sometimes the most surprising places. He traversed many fields and left us all well satisfied both in mind and feeling.

The body was looked after too with a sumptuous afternoon tea provided by Humming Café, and Hugh cut the Founders Day cake. There was a Heritage Burley Griffin Walk around Castlecrag hosted by Alfred Burnhardt, a book signing session by Hugh MacKay. A good number of former students and parents attended, including Vera Laycock, who as sister to Sylvia Brose OAM, Glenaeon’s founder, was present on the day the school opened in 1957. This annual event celebrates the school’s founding story, a very special one that links Glenaeon with the designers of Castlecrag and Canberra.

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