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10 Year Reunion - Class of 2004

In September 2014, Glenaeon’s Class of 2004 celebrated their 10-year reunion at the school and confirmed for many of us the positive results of a Steiner education.

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Glenaeon’s Class of 2004 at their 10-year reunion

Among the graduates at the reunion, one held a PhD in neuroscience and two were PhD students, one in climate change research at the University of New South Wales, and one in Sociology at Macquarie University. There was a music producer, a successful comedian, a graphic designer, a marketing manager, a chef, a financial adviser, an actress, a child care worker, a photographer with her own business, a sound producer, a designer, an environmental consultant, a full-time parent and of course, our very own Evan Sanders!

Most importantly, these graduates were all passionate about the fields in which they were working, and happy with the careers they had pursued.

Several graduates now live overseas or interstate but sent their best wishes to the group.

After drinks in the staffroom, the group took a tour of the campus with Andrew Hill, with many happy memories recalled. Following the tour, the group adjourned to the Willoughby Pub for dinner.

We will be working with Manu Prasad and Andrew Hill to organise a ten-year-reunion for the class of 2005 next year, so if you are from that year or know someone who is, contact Emily Fraser at [email protected]

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