Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Welcome from Head Of School

It is a pleasure to invite you to explore our website, and our school. We are very proud of Glenaeon’s history, current practice, and unique vision for the future.

If you are looking for a school that is fulfilling, academically challenging, culturally enriched, warm and humane, then you are looking in the right place. Whether a student, or a parent looking on behalf of a student, I can assure you of a friendly school where teachers teach to the highest standard, are caring and will support you on your journey to a fulfilled and successful future.

Glenaeon has always been ahead of it's time. When the school began in 1957, we talked about the importance of imagination and the arts, about emotional growth, about looking for the positive in every student, about school as a community, about building a sustainable relationship with the natural environment.

Our vision of education is actually a blend of the best of tradition and an innovative future. Our vision stems for the classical tradition of the Greeks and their values (Goodness, Beauty, Truth), refashioned in the European Renaissance through the Humanist tradition of the balanced human being, and reformulated as an education for the future by Dr Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century.

What does your Glenaeon journey look like? You will grow through a series of developmental stages. It starts in what Dr Steiner called the Kingdom of Childhood, in Kindergarten. Here lie the roots of creativity and imagination for you. At Glenaeon we work hard to honour the traditions of childhood, ensuring that you can look back on a joyful, nourishing and imaginatively rich foundation to your life. The primary years are a time of journey in a secure relationship with your Class Teacher, enjoying the imaginative unfolding of the human story.

Then in our Middle and Senior School you will be academically challenged to perform at your absolute best, and to infuse your learning with a rich cultural aesthetic.

The 21st century is asking for new qualities in you: a blend of professional rigour with creativity, imagination, emotional intelligence and a compassionate sense of what it is to be human in this increasingly digital age. Have a look at our alumni page and see what some of our students have gone on to achieve on the world stage.

We want you to be well educated, to start to find out who you are so that when you step into the world you will be equipped to find your own meaning and purpose, and to add something of value to the great human story. We are not a cookie-cutter school: we are a school producing individuals, who can think creatively, act ethically, and express themselves culturally. Our task as a school is to give you a rich and nourishing environment that will inspire you to be your individual best.

I look forward to welcoming you to Glenaeon.

Andrew Hill
B.A. (Hons) Dip Arts, M.Ed (Sydney) MACE

Head of School


Andrew grew up on the north shore of Sydney and attended Sydney University where he studied Anthropology and the Social Sciences. He won a Commonwealth Post Graduate Research Scholarship which enabled him to study the traditional culture of a Malaysian indigenous people where he lived for over a year. On his return he tutored in Behavioural Sciences in Medicine at Sydney University, then became one of the foundation staff in that discipline at the University of Newcastle Medical School where he worked for three years. In addition he was a regular lecturer to adults through the WEA.

A quest for a more enlivened form of education that would suit the demands of the future more creatively led him to Steiner education, and he left an academic career to become a teacher. He has never looked back, and is still inspired by the creative approach to educating that stems from Dr Steiner’s work.

At Glenaeon he has taken two eight year cycles as a class teacher, taught at HSC level, been a mentor and teacher educator, as well as being involved in school management and leadership. He is regular presenter at education conferences.

His personal interests include anthropology, music, literature and spending time with his wife and three children.

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