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How Do We Find Goodness in the World?

News from the recent shocking incident from Las Vegas, even though half a world away, is yet another reminder of the random violence that characterises our times. It’s one thing to deal with the shock of natural disasters or even the violence of political conflict. But how do we live with the trauma of random and meaningless violence perpetrated by one or a few people on many innocent human beings?

The impact on children and young people can be a sense of anxiety, of insecurity, of fear, and ultimately, the meaninglessness of life itself. Our easy access to continual world news and information plays a big part. Children are aware of events which once would never have touched their lives. Paediatricians warn parents against overexposure to media newsfeeds, as a way of managing children’s awareness of negative events simply because they are unable to process them. They see them, but can’t interpret them. Adults can rationalise and process negative events and find balancing images to integrate the negative into a world view.
One important contribution parents and teachers can make is to help children see the goodness in the world, as an antidote to the negative. The following article was written after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan in 2011, but its gentle message is so pertinent to the recent news that it’s worth quoting for our present times.
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Susan Weber is Director of Sophia’s Hearth Family Centre, Keene, New Hampshire, US.

How do I Find and Create Goodness for My Children?
By Susan Weber

In difficult times such as these with environmental disaster of almost unprecedented scale and concern about friends and others in Japan at the forefront of our thoughts, it is not easy to feel the goodness in life. In an external crisis, our urge is often to listen and see the news and to share our feelings with other adults. As a consequence, it is easy for the children around us to be exposed to things that they cannot understand, to become fearful about situations they will never see and cannot change even if we think that the media or adult conversations are not attended to by the children. Even pre-verbal children can sense profoundly the distress in our inner being.

But nothing brings stamina for life and daily well being to our children more directly and strongly than surrounding them and immersing them into an atmosphere of goodness and joy. For us as adults, the message they seek from us is this: I am happy to be alive, I am interested in the world around me and I want to find a place for myself within it. Children are born with an openness to meet what their lives will bring. Despite their individual destinies and challenges, this openness is present and as the adults in the child’s world, we have tremendous potential to cultivate this openness.

For the child just beginning life, there is one single mantra that needs to guide those early steps and years: the world is good. No other belief will carry him forward through the tumbles and stumbles, through the mysteries of his encounters with confidence and eagerness. Without this overarching rainbow of trust in life around and above them, children shrink back into themselves, lose the shine in their eyes, forgo the impulse to experiment, to see things as the adults around them never have, to imagine new solutions to the simplest experiments – piling blocks, washing a dish, dressing themselves upside down. The world is good – and therefore I enter into it, explore it, wonder, stop and look, touch, encounter, meet what comes to me with interest and growing confidence.

Fear paralyzes children — it reverses children’s natural gesture of trust, openness, and interest in the world. To develop in any way – cognitively, emotionally, physically – children need to be able to enter easily into life around them. They need to feel welcome, and above all, safe. For who of us is able to take risks, try new things, when we have a question about the safety of our surroundings?

There are times when circumstances beyond our control create uncertainty or worse for our families. In addition, we could also say that our times are, in fact, uncertain times. At the same time, however, our children are just beginning their lives. We owe to them their birthright: the world is good and I am grateful and happy to be in it. It is a safe place for me to grow in. And later, much later, I will be able to take on its pain and burdens. But give me time, peace, and space in which to discover the goodness in life for myself, in which to grow strong, capable, brave, and enthusiastic for life. Protect me from the challenges of adulthood until I am ready.

How can we do this for them? We can protect them from information that they cannot comprehend or digest – saving our adult conversations for later, turning off televisions and radios in their presence. Give them the strength building elements of rhythm, form in daily life, predictability, that reassure them of the goodness and security of each day.

I was once told that young children are very good observers, but poor interpreters. I, and many parents as well, have found this to be true.

Whether it be the large world and its sphere of difficulties, political situations near and far, our professional work and its daily challenges, our own personal frustrations, angers and fears – young children are not able to interpret any of these. None of these are a suitable menu for young children who cannot digest it. It all then goes inside of them to then be expressed in ways that we ourselves may not correlate with what they might have heard, for information about these realms of life will often bring anxiety, nervousness, fear, withdrawal, sleepless nights, or aggressive behaviour.

As the adults in their lives, we have the possibility to stand there beside the children with confidence for life offering them a model for imitation. We lead them out into our world: we walk alongside them. We have seen much, experienced much. It is an amalgam of joy, of pain, suffering, discovery, celebration, disappointment – and at times of fear, questioning. All these experiences and feelings will have come to us by the time we reach parenthood. As adults, we have tremendous freedom to explore these feelings, to reflect upon our own experiences.

If we as adults listen to the outer world as it often presents itself, how do we then find our own paths to believing confidently in the goodness of the world? It is of utmost significance that we strive toward this belief, for our children look to us for signals, for images of where to begin seeking their places in the world. They imitate our deepest inmost feelings and beliefs, and these carry them far as pillars of strength when they require it.

Take a walk, find your way into nature, hold deep in memory the most recent good thing we have encountered. Begin and end your day with gratitude for the good in our lives – however challenging this may feel at moments. Pick a tiny bouquet of wildflowers or seasonal things from the nature just outside our doors – the wonder of one snowdrop or crocus in spring bloom emerging through the receding snow, a single acorn, one brightly polished apple – each of these can remind us of the wonder and miracles of the universe. Look up at the stars in the heavens, and ponder the miracle that all over the earth human beings are united by experiencing the same starry heavens above them. Find a poem, even if you have never thought of poetry as your interest – just a few lines – copy it onto a piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator. Recall a human relationship that has helped you along your way. And see if, step by tiny step, you can rediscover, in difficult times, that the world truly is good.

Rudolf Steiner offers us a verse that can bring us strength in difficult times:

Steadfast I stand in the world
With certainty I tread the path of life
Love I cherish in the core of my being
Hope I carry into every deed
Confidence I imprint upon my thinking.
These five lead me to my goal
These five give me my existence.

With best wishes,
Andrew Hill
Head of School
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School News

This week's cover photo

It may look like a version of Noah's Ark but this week's cover photo is from the Parent Craft sorting and pricing day held this week, in preparation for the Fair. They have produced over 300 items to sell!

The Family Fair and Art Show is now just over two weeks away! Come along and join in the fun of the Glenaeon Family Fair & Art Show on Saturday 4th November 2017 at the Castlecrag Campus. Everyone is welcome, so please spread the word to family and friends. The roster is now live, so go to to sign up!

Friday 3rd November
Art Show Opening Night 6pm - 9pm
Saturday 4th November
Art Show 9am - 4pm
Family Fair 10am - 4pm
Sunday 5th November

Art Show 10am - 3pm » Read More

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Blackboard Beauties

This week's blackboard comes from the Class 2 Saintly Lives Main Lesson and was drawn by class teacher, Tamara Da Silva. For more blackboard drawings from this main lesson, click below... » Read More

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Parent Consultation Strategy 2018-22

Last term we held a World Café Strategy planning session, an important moment in defining our goals and aspirations over the next five years of the school’s journey. Along with Council, Executive and teaching staff views, we have refined the input from that session and now have a draft document ready for final consideration before official sign off prior to the end of the year.

We invite all parents to join the next workshop which will take place on Thursday, October 26th from 7 – 8.30 pm in the Sylvia Brose Hall. At the meeting we will present the draft proposals that have emerged from the initial sessions and then workshop the draft ready for final refinement.

In order to give us some indication of attendance for catering arrangements, please click on the following link to RSVP: » Read More

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Year 10 History comes to life

Glennis Mowday made sure her Year 10 Ancient History class felt like they were part of the Medieval world this week, when she invited in James Adams to present an entertaining view of life in the this historical period. James delivers theoretical material as well as opportunities for hands on student participation. And they got very hands on, as you can see from the photos! Click below for more photos...
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Now that's what I call a knife!

Athens vs Sparta
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Year 10 visit the Nicholson Museum

Year 10 also had the opportunity to visit the University of Sydney's Nicholson Museum this week with Glennis, and were able to get up close and personal with mummies, sculptures and models of ancient cities and other fascinating archeaological relics. Click below for more photos... » Read More

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Elicia Ferguson ice skating news

Elicia Ferguson (Year 9) skates with Southern Sky Synchronised, Basic Novice Division. The team will be competing at the National Figure Skating Championships in Brisbane at the end of November where they hope to qualify for competitions held in Switzerland and Austria in January 2018. Below is a photo from this year's NSW Championships, which were held in Penrith on Saturday 30 September.  » Read More

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Sarah Butler joins as Receptionist

Please welcome our lovely new receptionist if you see her at Middle Cove. Sarah joined us recently from Mastercard, and we are very lucky to have found her! She is from County Durham in the north of England and has already fitted right in to our admin team. Welcome Sarah! » Read More

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Maths help centre

EARLY MORNING MATHS Wednesday 8.00am – 8.45am
AFTERNOON MATHS Thursday 3.30pm – 4.15pm

Where: Senior Library

A reminder to students and caregivers that extra support for Maths is provided for students from Year 6 upwards in the Library at these times. Get extra help with clarification, homework issues and all Maths related questions.

Students in Years 9 and 10 will be coming into a test period soon so why not take advantage of the extra help? » Read More

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Castlecrag News

Castlecrag news

Castlecrag campus is a hive of activity with Fair preparations underway. Today, the parent craft group laid out all the incredible things they have made this year. This going to be a good year for craft so come early to buy special your Christmas presents! We have had ‘truckloads’ of second hand books and clothes go through the office. The Street family’s garage is so full they have had to park their car outside! Meanwhile, the Class 3 parents have been turning up on the weekend with their Thermomixes to cook up produce for the produce stall – they have even made their famous vegetable stock, the secret ingredient that makes the kindy soup so delicious.

Lastly the children and parents have been busy digging a HUGE hole for our biodynamic workshop this Saturday. There will be hay carting and digging and stirring followed by a fire to cook bread, corn and potatoes for a well-earned lunch.
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Parents Craft – Time to return craft items!

We laid out all the returned items that the dedicated parents (and grandparents) have created since Term 1 to price them. The stock is looking wonderful and gorgeous with so many unique and adorable items. We are so thrilled to note that we have well over 300 items to be sold at the Parent Craft Stall at the Fair with various divine items being contributed to the Silent Auction.

We would still love to have all items back to us, preferably by next Wednesday, so all the effort and time that the community has dedicated throughout the year gets put into a great cause of raising funds for the school. Don’t worry if the item is not finished, half-finished or untouched are OK. Please hand them to Mary at Castlecrag Office. Thank you.

*25 Oct  Fixing up the “unfinished” and sorting
*1 Nov   Fair preparation (sign making)
*4 Nov   Fair day!

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Family Fair and Art Show

Family Fair and Art Show

Art Show Opening Night 6 – 9pm
Adult Event / Free Entry
Family Fair & Art Show 10am – 4pm
Craft Workshops & Art Show 10am – 3pm

121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag


For the fair to be the brilliant event it is year after year, we need all parents and carers in the school to get involved - and older students as well. This is a plea to encourage EVERYONE to signup for a shift at the fair now. It would really help class four's stress levels not to have parents leaving it to the last minute. The roster is currently 30% filled - that leaves 280 jobs still needing volunteers.

Click below for Raffle prize details and much more...
» Read More

RAFFLE: Over $5,000 worth of prizes to be won, see all the details HERE
Buy Tickets at:

Secondhand Hand Clothes Donations
Please ensure clothes are CLEAN & in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
Drop off to reception at Middle Cove or Castlecrag.
We will stop taking donations NEXT Friday 27 October.

Second Hand Books Donations
Books in good condition please. 
Drop off to reception at Castlecrag only.
We will stop taking donations NEXT Friday 27 October.

Sponsorship Gratitude
We are delighted to welcome back LJ Hooker Castlecrag, 
Honest to Goodness and Flash Electrical as sponsors for this year’s Fair. 
Huge thanks to:

Heidi King:
Matt & Karen Ward:
Rino & Julia Petkovich:


Questions about the Fair?
Contact Fair Coordinator, Jacinta Dunn for more details:
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Silent Auction bidding is underway!

It is anticipated that bidding will be fierce at this year's Silent Auction, given the extraordinary quality of the pieces made by our children and parent community. This photo shows parent, Yuki Tomishima's incredible autumn log with gnomes and mushroom children.

Bidding has begun online at and will conclude on paper at the Fair on Saturday 4 November. » Read More

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Sunday workshops at the Art Show

Heart Bead Workshop with  - details HERE
To book, go to

Sky Carter Weaving workshop - details HERE
To book, go to

Click below to see flyers... » Read More

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School Calendar

What's on at Glenaeon next week

Please note that tomorrow's Greek Olympics for Class 5 has been postponed to next Friday 27 October.

Year 9 (B) Camp

Monday October 23, 8:20am – Fri, October 27, 5:00pm
Shoalhaven City Council, Shoalhaven

Class Parents Meeting
Wednesday October 25, 3pm – 6pm
MMG Hall Castlecrag Campus » Read More

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Glenaeon School Tours

We have tours coming up at Middle Cove and Castlecrag campuses. This is the last tour for Castlecrag this year. Tell you friends and family we'd love to see them there!

MIDDLE COVE     Tuesday 24 October 9.30-11.30am
CASTLECRAG     Thursday 26 October 9:30–11:30am
To register, go to the Enrolments page of the website HERE
» Read More

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Glenaeon Parents' Association (GPA) News

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human being, the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living” Rudolf Steiner

There was a gorgeous warm wind blowing through the Castlecrag staffroom last night at our Steer Group meeting. The wind and my mulberry stained fingers mean that Spring is well and truly here, and our fabulous Fair is just around the corner. You will have seen it in the Newsletter, caught sight of banners and flyers maybe received an email from your Class parents reminding you of the event. Please if you haven’t already, add it to your Calendar reminders and alerts with a note that you are devoting the day, or at least some of it, to hang out at Castlecrag. There will be something for everyone, all ages and interests, we really do have the best Fair in Sydney.

Click below to read more... » Read More

We also need your help. Can you all please take the 10 mins or so required to sign up to the online Fair Roster? It really is an easy process, thanks to Anna and Arthur Street who transformed the process for us a few years back. The Fair Coordinators used to lug around a big book with everyone’s details and time slots and activities entered by hand. It worked but the new system is brilliant. For the Fair to be great we need every parent in the school to do a 2-hour shift on Fair day, that’s both parents or guardians We will also readily accept the help of willing grandparents, and older students. The little kids love it when their older role models are doing the stalls. 

As well as being the school’s biggest social occasion and our most public event, The Family Fair & Art Show is our biggest fundraiser. The Fair enables the parents to provide resources and facilities to the school that go beyond its annual budget capacity. These funds improve the well-being of the current student cohort, and add value long term. Previous projects like the wooden fort at Castlecrag, the sandstone walkway and stairs at the High School, the replacement of the balcony around the Sylvia Brose Hall, The Scott’s Creek access stairs, the Middle Cove junior playground and countless others. So far this year, the GPA has spent or at least allocated over $98,000 to school projects. This is only possible because of the combined efforts of our community. So please sign up, and under the fabulous guidance and Coordination of the Class 4 Fair team, a grand weekend is heading our way.

Friday 3 November ART SHOW Opening Cocktail Party 6 - 9.30pm
Saturday 4 November FAMILY FAIR & ART SHOW, 10am – 4pm
Wednesday 22 November GPA General Meeting FAIR DEBRIEF
Wednesday 6 December Steering Group Meeting 
Friday 8 December Twilight Market, 3-6pm 

Contact us at

Deanne Hardwick 
Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA)

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Community News

School Canteen

Can you help in the canteen this term? Please come and enjoy a day of cooking and sharing a story and a recipe; Sharon will make you a real coffee and you and your child will be fed for free for the day. You are only signing up for a few hours, from after drop off in the morning until 2pm. The kitchen has a wonderful vibe and is hidden at the heart of the school but surrounded by bush and kookaburras.

If you feel like joining us and dipping into your child’s day go to this link: Pop your name down on a date that suits and you can share the day with your child and the other children. See the school kitchen from the inside and I’m sure you will be delighted.

Menus for next week below... » Read More

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New Uniform app

Dear Parents/ Guardians:
We are now using the QKR app for all online uniform orders. This new app replaces the old Glenaeon Uniform app, so please use the new app for all future uniform orders. Please follow all instructions on the flyer attached HERE to download the app and set up your account.
Delivery will be every Thursday during the school term free of charge.
Orders must be placed by Monday 4pm for that week’s delivery.

Please read below for more details... » Read More

There is a small selection of clothing samples available at the school for your convenience. Please try on the sizes before ordering to avoid disappointment. 

Please choose carefully as we do not refund if you simply change your mind or make a wrong selection. However, we gladly exchange. Returned merchandise MUST be in its original condition and accompanied by proof of purchase otherwise the exchange will not be honoured. Freight charges may apply to send the merchandise back. 

Please note: There is a uniform fitting day on Saturday November 11th from 10am to 5pm in the Junior School Library for all children entering Classes 4 and 7 in 2018, plus all new students entering 5/6/8/9/10/11 in 2018.

If you have any enquires please email
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Play Group Leader position available

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Play Group
Permanent part-time position commencing January 2018
Applications Close: Friday, 20 October, 2017
We have a 2-day per week position leading Play Group at our Castlecrag Campus on Tuesdays & Thursdays commencing for the new school year in January 2018. The Play Group runs during school terms, 9:30-11:30am, with the leader working 8:00am – 12:00pm for preparation and pack-up, plus additional weekly hours for overall Play Group management & administration.
Click below for more details... » Read More

To be considered for the position you will have a strong understanding of child development from a Steiner perspective, most likely with formal qualifications in Steiner Education and experience working in a Steiner Play Group, Preschool or School. As the Play Group Leader you will hold the rhythm and boundaries to support the whole group, support parent needs and deliver parent education, maintain the Play Group space and create and organise seasonal festivals. Overall Play Group management and administration includes maximising Play Group numbers by filling positions as soon as possible and contacting parents to allocate placements; managing group numbers, waiting lists and payments; and working with the School’s marketing staff to create and maintain a database for early childhood in Sydney. A Working With Children Clearance is also required.

Enquiries about the position should be directed to Robyn Porcheron in Human Resources on (02) 9932 2311 or via email
To apply, please submit your resume to by Friday, 20 October, 2017.
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Glenaeon Secondhand School Uniform Shop

The Second-hand Uniform Shop will open the first Friday of Term 4, and alternate Fridays for the rest of the school year. Stop by between 3:00 and 3:45 pm on any of the following Fridays:
October 27
November 10 and 24
December 8

We have a large stock of red and blue junior polo shirts on sale during October for $5 for $10. Stock up now if your child will start wearing a uniform in Class 4 next year! You will save heaps over the price of new uniforms.
See you at the Uniform Shop!
Lori Graff 0428668056 » Read More

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Glenaeon's official Facebook page

The Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School official Facebook page can be found HERE
Our official Alumni Facebook page can be found HERE
Our Facebook Swap and Sell group can be found HERE 
Our new Glenaeon Careers Centre group can be found HERE

Like us and share our stories with your friends or request to join our Swap and Sell group or Careers Centre group. Thanks! » Read More

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Host families still needed for Japanese students this November

In November, our school will host a group of students aged around 15 from the Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The Japanese students will take part in morning English lessons at our school, while afternoons will be an opportunity for excursion and joint classroom lessons with Glenaeon students. Click below for more details... » Read More

We’d like to offer our visitors a chance to experience Australian hospitality in our homes here in Glenaeon. This will give them the opportunity to practice their English in a relaxed and friendly environment. Japanese students staying in your family would be included in normal family afternoon and weekend activities, and would travel to school with their host family “sister” or “brother”. The main expense involved will be to provide meals for the visiting student (including lunch). Families will be paid $50.00 per day per student in advance to cover these costs.

If you are interested in hosting a student for a period of 10 nights between the 12th out 22nd November 2017, please contact either Ms Keiko Takahashi, the Japanese teacher, at or Mr Takashi Ushinohama, the Homestay Coordinator as below.

Tel: (02) 9889 4366
Mob: (0408) 468 538
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Careers Corner

We are excited to announce we have created a new Careers Centre group on Facebook for senior students and their families.

Go to and ask to join the group for all the up-to-the-minute information about open days, courses, summer schools, application deadlines and articles of interest.

Some upcoming events below... » Read More

Australian College of Applied Psychology
Sydney 22 November

MIT Sydney
For campus tours/appointments and course information call (02) 8267 1400 or visit the website.

For campus tours call (02) 9964 6555 or visit the website.

Southern Cross University
Coffs Harbour 4 December
Lismore 5 December
Gold Coast 7 December
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Parent Education

Sacred Soil - family Biodynamic gardening day

With Sandra Frain
Saturday 21st October 11am -2.30pm
Castlecrag Campus, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Bookings please call 99580774 Children of all ages welcome

The Day will include:
Butter making and story in the sandpit
Building a fire to cook corn, potatoes, apples and damper
Making our Biodynamic compost - this will involve filling a pre-dug pit with layers of vegetable scraps, animal manures, dry leaves , green waste, lime, soil and sand, watering each layer as we go, adding compost preps, covering with straw and sprinkling with valerian
Cooking our food and eating at the fire circle while we stir 500
Blessing of the campus with 500 and filing jars to take home for our own gardens
Clean up, departure circle and song
Click below for more details... » Read More

Sandra Frain BCS MSC (ED): Sandra has decades of experience creating dynamic educational programs for children and their families in a unique celebration of life. Sandra is devoted to supporting people in their quest to nurture nature and humanity. She develops and delivers teacher and parent training programs internationally as an elder in the Steiner Education movement. 
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Raphael’s Rooms

Parent Craft



Grassroots Eco Store

Open on the Castlecrag Campus for quality art and craft materials, enchanting toys, school necessities like lunch boxes and raincoats, as well as Australian made, organic,fair trade and sustainable products. New products arriving every week. A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon. Come and take a look!

Please call me on 0416 035 173 if you need to make a purchase outside my opening hours as I will open on request. Also, let me know if there are any other products you'd like to see in the store and I'll attempt to source them.

See you soon!

Click below for opening hours... » Read More

Opening Hours during term
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am–11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am–3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am–10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm– 4.00pm
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Craniosacral Therapy Available in Northbridge

Craniosacral Therapy or CST, is a gentle yet powerful light touch healing modality. The client’s whole person is honoured, held and heard – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Click below for more details... » Read More

A meditative space is held, which allows the nervous system to shift from fight or flight into rest and repair. This activates the body’s own innate healing ability. 
The therapist also deeply listens. When the body can express itself in whatever way it needs to, energetic blocks and resistances shift, change and transform. 

Results of CST sessions will differ as they are guided by what your body wants to work through, honouring its ability to heal itself.
The treatment is a safe, gentle way for the whole person to express and unwind and for old traumas to be energetically released from the tissues without the need to revisit them mentally or verbally.
CST sessions are profoundly relaxing and should leave you feeling whole, balanced and aligned. 


Thursdays from 9.15 to 5pm
Dr Krystall Ford’s Chiropractic Clinic, 37 Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge 

Adult Initial Appointment 1.5hrs $150, Follow Up 1hr $100
Child Initial Appointment 45mins $75, Follow Up 30mins $50
Book a series of 3 treatments & receive a 10% discount


Call Jo on 0424 232 473 to arrange an appointment
Or email at & she will call you

More information at
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Rudolf Steiner Book Centre

Spring is here
It can happen at any time, but Spring is especially a good time for this to occur: something starts stirring in us; we are looking for a change, something fresh, a different direction. We clean up, we take inner stock, we make space for something new. The areas in which we can do this are plentiful and the book suggestions in this week's newsletter are just a small sample of what the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre has to offer. We hope they may bring you new delights, fresh insights and overall great reading. Click below for more details... » Read More

Rudolf Steiner Book Centre
307 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9264 5169
Fax: +61 2 9267 1225
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Rudolf Steiner College

Creative Discipline with Lou Harvey-Zahra

This is an inspiring course for parents, childcare workers and playgroup leaders. This inspiring and practical workshop explores the root causes of children's behaviour. Ten 'Creative Discipline' strategies will be covered. Learn tools to help create more relaxed and connected relationships, set limits while maintaining closeness and trust, transform behaviours in a positive manner, and teach children skills that will help them throughout their lives. Everyday real life examples will be explored, with opportunity to share personal challenges and insights in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere.

Date: Sunday 22 October 2017
Time: 10.30am - 4pm

Venue: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College 307 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW
Cost: $199 pp/ $250 couples

For more information: » Read More

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Sydney Youth Orchestra Summer School

SYO Summer School combines high standard music making, creativity, exploration and personal development. Now in its third year, the SYO Summer School has become a firm favourite of budding young musicians, music teachers and parents alike. For students in Years 11 and 12, the SYO Summer School will include an HSC preparation stream that can be selected as an add-on to the weekly program or as a standalone package. For more details, download the flyer HERE. » Read More

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Christian Community Advent Festival

» Read More

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Rudolf Steiner House, Sydney

Hi all,
Two notices that I wanted to pass on to you.
First, a seven-minute version of the film "Five Hundred" recently won an award in an environmental film competition. This 'preview' is available at the Book Centre as well as the newly edited 73-minute full version. Second, I also wanted to let you know about a special fundraising request I've come across from our friends in Cost Rica who are trying to set up a Waldorf Kindergarten. Please have a look at their work and fundraising request here.
Special notice:
There are so many great events still coming up at Rudolf Steiner House in this last quarter of the year, but today I would like to point out Martin Large's visit to Sydney on 21st October. Martin has not visited Sydney before and for anyone who has an interest in the social, cultural and economic life, this will be a great workshop to attend and learn more about how to impact these areas of our lives.
Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months: » Read More

21st October: Free, Equal and Mutual. This is a one-day workshop with visiting lecturer and author, Martin Large, on what we can do to re-balance society. A great opportunity to learn about Rudolf Steiner's vision and what we can do with it. 

21st October: Positive Discipline - Effective and Caring Behavioural Management. Positive Discipline: Effective and Caring Behavioural Management for Teachers with Students with Intellectual Disabilities (with Lou Harvey-Zahra). This course will focus on EC and Primary Education and will contribute 5.5 hours of QTC Registered PD. 

22nd October: Creative Discipline. For carers and Early Childhood professionals. Learn tools to help create more relaxed and connected relationships, set limits while maintaining closeness and trust, transform behaviours in a positive manner, and teach children skills that will help them throughout their lives. 

23rd October: A study of the hierarchies and the plant kingdom. This is a weekly meeting studying Steiner's little known 'Zodiac Seals'.

24th October: Talk with David Bowden and Chris Miliotis on biological cell division through a projective lens.

25th - 28th October: Controlled by fear, controlling fear; study conference on Therapeutic and Educational creative speech

28th - 31st October: What do children and adolescents learn "in sleep"?; international advanced training for kindergarten and school physicians

30th October: A study of the hierarchies and the plant kingdom. This is a weekly meeting studying Steiner's little known 'Zodiac Seals'.

31st October: Talk with Patrick McDonald on talking with Angels: Etheric Experiences for Modern People.

3rd - 5th November: Meeting the threshold. A weekend workshop in Byron Shire for anyone interested in health and healing.

4th November: Remembering the dead. This is our annual festival where we give thanks to and remember the dead. Everyone is invited to participate.

6th November: A study of the hierarchies and the plant kingdom. This is a weekly meeting studying Steiner's little known 'Zodiac Seals'.

7th November: Talk with Kelly Connor. Anthroposophy in the 21st Century; can the Anthroposophical Movement meet the needs of our time. The first in a series of three presentations this term by different speakers, who will introduce the themes and then seek an exchange of views. Please prepare ahead and bring some enriching thoughts.

11th November: Art of lecturing. This is an introductory session to gauge interest in a course of shared study and practice on the 'art of lecturing'. 

1st - 3rd December: The gate of death and the gate of birth. A conference for a culture at the threshold.

Various 2018
: Colour training in the Liane Collot d'Herbois method. It might seem early to mention these courses, but 2018 will be here before you know it and it might take a bit of planning to attend these course. 

If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:
Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001

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Tuning in to Teens

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Would you like to learn how to:
• Communicate effectively with your teenager?
• Understand your teenager?
• Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
• Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
• Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

PH: 02 8021 3668

The 5 session course will be facilitated by a qualified Parent Educator from Child and Adolescent Parenting, Northern Sydney Local Health District » Read More

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Diversity PA

Diversity PA offers a bespoke service for busy families and small business owners in the Lower North Shore. With over 17 years experience, I can assist with a variety of tasks including:

• Account reconciliation & bill payments
• Archiving, filing and stock-take
• Creating & distributing marketing material
• Database management, data entry and collating reports
• Event, birthday or holiday coordination
• Formatting documents, templates and presentations
• Home or office organisation
• Managing your schedule, appointments and phone calls
• Personal errands or shopping
• Project administration & office management
• Website updates and so much more…

Bookings are available onsite (in the Chatswood area) or virtually, on a casual basis if needed. If you’re interested in this type of service please see for more information or contact Michelle on 0420 43 23 83. » Read More

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Maths tutoring available

Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 9 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to year 9. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required.
For further enquiries please contact me on » Read More

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Vanessa’s Creative Communion Spring workshops

See flyer below for details about Vanessa’s Creative Spring Communion workshops or click HERE for the flyer. You are advised to book soon as Vanessa’s sessions fill up and there will be a number/space limit.
Contact Joy Day on or call 0451 152 227 » Read More

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My German Tutor

Experienced, confident, friendly & motivated native German speaker / translator.
Tailored to suit you. Times to suit you.
Ideal for: beginners to advanced, students or travellers, or simply to practice conversation.
One-on-one private lessons, North Willoughby
Michele Macgregor, Call 02 8006 6893 » Read More

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Seasonal Yoga

School Hall Castlecrag Campus
7.30am-8.45am. Casual class $20, 10 pass card $150 . Mats provided.
Enquiries: Lisa Kavanagh 0409319289 or
Help to bring balance to body, calm the mind, strengthen core, improve flexibility.
Suitable for beginners to advanced. » Read More

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Community Events


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Middle Cove Campus:

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5a Glenroy Avenue,
Middle Cove NSW 2068

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Castlecrag Campus:

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