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Carol Service

Thank you to all parents who attended and supported our Carol Service on Monday evening, helping to bring our year one step nearer to a gentle close in very fine and harmonious fashion. The evening was a calm and joyous moment in a busy end of year schedule and one that left the heart singing. Our end of service donations raised $1837.90, a very generous effort which will be gratefully received by a new Steiner preschool initiative in Colombia, Sacha Uku. Saffron Wadick is a former Glenaeon Preschool teacher and, after many years supporting, fundraising, visiting and working for Steiner projects in Africa and Latin America and three years living in Colombia, she is now opening a Steiner preschool in Colombia.

To Chaplain Lisa Devine, thank you for another year’s wise and tender words warming our hearts for the Christmas season. Our students and teachers put in a long day of rehearsal and then performance, and the students sang and played with gusto in bringing the impressive music to our community.

We acknowledge and thank our Music teachers Manu Prasad and Pru Borgert for the always appropriate choice of repertoire, the coaching of the students and the carriage of an exhausting schedule of preparation and performance: inspiring all our Class 4 to Year 11 students to sing so magnificently is a remarkable achievement. To Stuart Wright, the Alumni Choir, the music tutors who supported your efforts, and our fine organist, Brett McKern, we add thanks for their work.

It was a memorable festival of gifts!
Click below to

Sinfonietta in rehearsal...

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School Parent Survey
As the recorded message often says, your feedback is important to us! At the end of every year we run a survey to gather feedback from parents about the school, and we look carefully at the results to plan improvements in the following year. Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey which has been emailed to you. The survey runs until December 12th.

Twitter Illiterates:
I know there is no dearth of articles warning of the impact of social media on future generations and I don’t want to add to overkill on this topic. However, the flood of articles may just mean there is something in it. Here is a recent comment from British media that adds to the commentary.

Twitter will make children illiterate in 20 years, says novelist Howard Jacobson

'We will have children who can’t read, who don’t want to read... I can’t read any more as much as I used to. My concentration has been shot by this bloody screen'
Howard Jacobson, British novelist and journalist, said the nature of communication had changed so dramatically with the emergence of social media and smartphones that young people are losing their desire to read books.

Children will be illiterate within a generation due to the dominance of Twitter and other social platforms, a Booker prize-winning novelist has warned.
Howard Jacobson said the nature of communication had changed so dramatically with the emergence of social media and smartphones that young people are losing their desire to read books.

The British novelist and journalist told The Times that even he — a man who once liked nothing better than to curl up with “300 densely packed pages” of a late Henry James novel — could no longer focus on a book because his concentration had been “shot” by screens.

Within 20 years, he said, “we will have children who can’t read, who don’t want to read," adding: “I can’t read any more as much as I used to. My concentration has been shot by this bloody screen. I can’t do it now — I want space, I want white pages, light behind the page.” 

Mr Jacobson, who won the Man Booker Prize for his 2010 novel, The Finkler Question, also warned that Twitter had played into the hands of Donald Trump, who used it to bypass the news channels favoured by “the metropolitan elite”.

The President’s claim in Nevada last year that he “loves the poorly educated” was wicked, the writer said, because its real meaning was: “I want you to stay uneducated”.
Figures show a decline in education standards across the Western world. The percentage of American adults who read literature was last year at its lowest level since records began in 1982. 

Only 43 per cent had read at least one book in the previous year, according to the US Endowment for the Arts. 

Figures also show that the amount of time youngsters are spending online has increased, with children aged five to 15 now spending an average of 15 hours a week on the web.

Mr Jacobson added that Twitter amounted to a platform “almost exclusively of statement”, which enabled the likes of Mr Trump to make exploratory and unproven claims that people will then perceive to be fact.

“There are many good statements in the world, but much of the best part of thought and conversation isn’t statement, it’s exploration, inquiry, irony,” the novelist said. “It’s feeling something out. You can’t feel anything out anymore — [people] think you are saying what you mean.”

It comes after a US study found that rates of loneliness amongst teens have soared and there has been a worrying decrease in mental wellbeing since the 2007 launch of the iPhone.
The number of teenagers spending time with friends nearly everyday dropped by more than 40 per cent between 2000 and 2015.

The Children’s Commissioner for England recently warned parents to stop their children from “bingeing” on social media, comparing consuming time online “like junk food”.

Use of social media sites among children has also, however, been promoted as a way of building up their resilience. A recent report by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) found that using social media helped children to develop their social skills, collaborate better with peers, and access help and emotional support more easily.

With best wishes,

Andrew Hill
Head of School
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School News

This week's cover photo

This week's cover photo is from the Class 6 play, Julius Caesar, rehearsed and performed during their Ancient Rome main lesson. In the daytime photos below, the class performed for Year 10, a very appreciative audience. Click below for more photos... » Read More

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Blackboard Beauties

This week's blackboard is from the Year 10 'Art of Poetry - The Lyric' main lesson, and was drawn by high school English and Drama teacher, Jacqueline Rees. See story in School News below about the visit of spoken word poet, Nick Bryant-Smith, to the class this week as part of this main lesson. » Read More

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Netball demonstration game

The PE Department thought it was a nice idea to have an exhibition game played at lunchtime between our two successful netball teams who play in competition outside school. Two players are leaving (India Parsons, Rebecca Martin), so it was also their last chance to play with their team mates! Many students came down to watch it played out on court in a very tight exchange in which the more senior team edge away with a narrow two point win over the slightly younger junior girls team.

Teams consisted of Year 8 to Year 10 girls, the majority coming from the current Year 9 cohort. It was great to see the tenacity and commitment of both teams to every pass, every shot for goal and the skill they all possess!

Click below for more photos... » Read More

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Thank you handwork helpers

A colleague said to me earlier this week "we are reaching the pointy end of the year" and the children are all busy working to finish their beautiful handwork before we break for summer holidays. Claudia will be farewelling us and returning to the United States and I for one will miss her and all that she has brought to the children and the handwork program.

We both are very grateful to the wonderful parent helpers and to the grandparents who come most weeks to help and sometimes this can be in three separate classes. Larry says he is no good at knitting but he is happy to read in Class 2. Here are some photos and a special thanks to volunteers Larry, Vivienne, Anne, Jane and Lana without whose help we might not get through this end point.

Kind regards from Elizabeth Ellean » Read More

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Shibori indigo workshop

As you can see from the photo, the participants at Elizabeth's Shibori indigo workshop look happy to display their instant results. The other photo is from the eco-dyeing workshop where Alisa Southon is showing her upcycled silk shirt. Alissa hopes to try eco-dyeing with her class next year!

Next year Elizabeth will announce more workshops that will run in the craft room as part of the 2018 'Glenaeon Studios' program. Click below to see a full length eco-dyed scarf... » Read More

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Farewell Chie

We said a sad farewell to Chie Iwasaki at Castlecrag this week, our Japanese teacher in the primary school for the last 14 years. Here, she is wearing a beautiful silk scarf which was a gift from school.

The photo is of both of us as our journey together at Glenaeon started when both our boys were in Andrew's class and then later we both started teaching at Glenaeon. Chie and I are the same age too!

Elizabeth Ellean » Read More

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Year 10 German class make gingerbread houses

Frau Tietge-Rollans brought in some gingerbread house kits to school this week, for her Year 10 German class. The students put together two houses, known in German as a Lebkuchenhaus.

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Horrowshow for Year 10

Year 10 were treated to a Horrowshow at school this week, when spoken word poet and rapper, Solo (aka Nick Bryant-Smith, from the Australia hip hop duo Horrorshow) performed spoken word poetry for them.

Nick's performance was made possible by Kirli Saunders and the team at Red Room Poetry, Australia’s leading organisation for the creation and commissioning of new poetry by established and emerging poets as well as students.

As well as performing spoken word poetry, Nick shared with the students how poetry was not just written words, but was part of the fabric of our language whether spoken, written, read or sung. It could even be the note you wrote to a friend.

He inspired them all with his passion for his work, for his music and for his poetry and we hope he comes back to visit us again very soon! » Read More

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Year 8 visit Rembrandt exhibition

Year 8 were lucky enough to visit the Rembrandt exhibition today. They were enthralled to learn about this significant period in the history of art. It was even more valuable as earlier in the year they made a study in pastel of one of Rembrandt’s portraits, including one from the exhibition. Thank you Alisan for organising the excursion. Zac Cohen gives his impression of the exhibition: "The Rembrandt exhibition was fascinating, intriguing and educational. Every work was like looking through a window into another world. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to taking family members to the gallery in the upcoming Christmas holidays."

More photos below...
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Chess tournament news

Glenaeon chess players Jeremy Bacon, Nelson Hall-Whitington and Timothy Bacon entered into the Annual Secondary Schools Chess tournament on Wednesday 6th December, a seven round Swiss tournament hosted by The Scots College. The boys played well and kept their spirits high though the competition was tough. Thirty-three teams from a wide range of selective and private schools took part, including James Ruse, Sydney Grammar, Kings and Knox, amongst others. They placed 23rd. Special mention goes to Timothy Bacon, who won 5 of his 7 games. Well done boys!

Pictured: Glenaon’s chess team playing a team from The Scots College. From left to right - Timothy Bacon, Nelson Hall-Whitington and Jeremy Bacon. » Read More

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Bundanon raffle winner framed

Lisa Robinson, mum to Jasmine Wren from Year 9, won the raffle competition at the recent Bundanon Art Exhibition and this is her prize, a framed painting of Jasmine's work from the camp.  Thanks to James from ArtSmart framers for framing it so beautifully. » Read More

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From the Music Department

Students who hire an instrument through the school must return their instruments to the Music Administrator’s office (adjacent to the hall) by Friday 8th December IF:
• They are leaving the school,
• They are changing or discontinuing that instrument,
• The instrument needs servicing.

Also, if you have not done so already, please inform the Music Administrator, Julie Monteban, of your child’s intentions regarding instrumental tuition in 2018.
Manu thanks to those who have already done so.
Julie Monteban
Music Administrator
Office hours 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday. » Read More

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Castlecrag News

Class One make their own beeswax wraps

This week Class 1 have been making beeswax wraps. First of all Katherine Myers cut out some old calico (left over from the Fair) and the children drew on it all the forms they could remember from form drawing throughout the year. Then Katherine heated up some beeswax from the Grassroots EcoStore (plus a few other mysterious ingredients) and the children painted it onto their calico. When they were dry they became beautiful wraps just the right size for lunchbox sandwiches. Click below for more photos...
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Playgroup spaces availavble

Places are now available for 2018 at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School for a deeply nourishing and magical morning in our Playgroup Circle. Come join our two-hour dedicated morning, in which we invite you to slip off your shoes and fall into our carefully crafted daily rhythm of storytelling, games, songs, baking for the little hands and gentle craft skills for parents and carers, followed by outside play in our beautiful gardens.
For bookings and information please contact
Mary Heard
Phone: 02 9958 0774
Cost: $30 per session

Details on our website - » Read More

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Parent Craft - Stall at Twilight Market

We will be selling some items that would be perfect for your Christmas shopping at the Twilight Market tomorrow. Come early so you don't miss out! Items sold are:
Click below for full list of items for sale...
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Items available:

* Winter girl standing dolls ($90 (l) & $85 (r))

* Mother Earth standing doll ($95)

* Spring girl standing doll ($85)

* Father Sun standing doll ($90)

* Bunny x2 ($15 & $10)

* Baby gumnut gnomes inside leaf (various @ $8)

* Bag of felted food (various @ $15)

* Dragonfly wall hanging ($30)

* Mountain scenery wall hanging ($35)

* Coastal scenery wall hanging ($15)

* Hardwood tool box x2 ($25)

* Spring house set: hand-dyed green silk roof, set of dolls, set of hand crafted wooden furniture ($83)

* Autumn house set: gumnut leaf dyed silk roof, house, set of dolls & mushroom ($55, $60, $70)

* Winter house set: silk roof, set of dolls, fire ($55)

* Summer & spring house set: hand-dyed blue silk roof, set of dolls, set of hand crafted wooden furniture ($83)

* All season house set: hand-dyed blue silk roof, set of dolls, mushroom ($55)

* Tashi and friend with a house ($65)

(NB – if you would like a doll house set, please email as they are not on display)
Items available:
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Family Fair and Art Show

School Calendar

What's on at Glenaeon next week

Twilight Markets

Friday December 8, 3pm – 6pm
Castlecrag campus

Next week:
Shepherds' Play
Tuesday December 12, 7pm – 8pm
Sylvia Brose Hall
Middle Cove campus

School finishes:
Middle Cove last day is Wednesday 13 December
Castlecrag last day is Wednesday 13 December » Read More

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Twilight Markets - tomorrow

Tomorrow Friday 8 December...come rain, hail or shine!
Castlecrag campus

Come along and enjoy our wonderful school markets, filled with groovy tunes, delicious food, lovely craft, and homemade stalls. Meet up with some friends and have an early dinner whilst your children play and enjoy themselves. The markets will be going ahead no matter the weather, so we hope to see you there! » Read More

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The Shepherd's Play at Glenaeon - Tuesday 13 December

An important event is coming up on the evening of Tuesday December 12th.
This is the Shepherds Play, one of the Oberufer plays which have been performed every year since the late 1950s when the school began as a kindergarten in Pymble called Dalcross.

We particularly invite our Castlecrag families to this event, as the play only lasts one hour and the younger children thoroughly enjoy the play. 

This year the teachers at Glenaeon are again putting themselves forward to act in the Shepherds’ Play and sing in the little choir which goes with it. We would appreciate it if you could help to fill every seat in the hall. You can bring your children and other relatives, friends etc. 
Place: Sylvia Brose Hall, Middle Cove Campus, Glenaeon School, 5a Glenroy Ave, Middle Cove.
Time: 7 pm, Tuesday 12th December, 2017.
Click below to read the history of the Shepherd's Play... » Read More

At Glenaeon we see it as a gift from the teachers to the children, the school community and anyone else who would like to attend. So, please do make an effort to come this year. 
Some time in the 16th or early 17th century a group of German farmers settled on the little island of Oberufer on the Danube, close to the frontiers of Austria and Hungary. They took with them a cycle of religious plays which were handed down by oral tradition. For centuries, peasants had preserved these plays – both the dialogue and the tradition of acting. It was Karl Julius Schroer, a professor who studied German folklore and a friend of Rudolf Steiner, who discovered and wrote down these Oberufer plays. Even in English, here in Australia, the Shepherds’ Play preserves the wisdom and humour of those German famers. Another of these plays, the Paradise Play, has also been performed at Glenaeon.
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Glenaeon Parents' Association (GPA) News

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human being, the whole community finds it’s reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living” Rudolf Steiner

Dear Gleno Parents,

It was delightful to belt out Christmas Carols with you all on Monday night, such amazing acoustics in that space, and our kids sounded stunning. The big Hallelujah Chorus always gives me goose bumps, and flashbacks to singing it in my own school choir simply because you got out of class, and none checked if you knew the words!

Enough true confessions- down to business.
The GPA Steer Group met with Andrew Hill on Wednesday night to brainstorm the way the school, the parent body and the Parents Association communicate with each other, how to stimulate engagement and willing parent participation. The culmination of our idea pooling was:

• The recognition that we do have a very committed and engaged parent body
• Recognition by school management and Council that the GPA performs a valuable role
• Recognition of the change in family care dynamics, specifically at Glenaeon, but mirrored across the broader community. That in 2017 there is a strong likelihood that both parents in a family will have working careers
• Time is our most precious commodity. More work means we are more considered about how we use our time
• Parents want to engage with the community, yet many can feel stretched with the number of meetings that are offered up for attendance in order to keep abreast on their child and the school
Click below to read more... » Read More

With these points in mind, an idea has been proposed to combine the Class Parent Meetings that take place once each term, with the GPA, and the Head of School. This will ensure a good whole school representation across each year group for input and decision making, reduce the burden of meetings for everyone and reduce confusion between the parent bodies and members of staff. Having been the GPA Class parent coordinator on and off for the last seven years, I think it’s a great idea, and a wonderful opportunity to do the business at the same time as enriching inter-school and cross-year relationships. The first meeting date is set for Tuesday February 13th. Stay tuned for more information. 

To finish up I would like to give a public hug and recognition to two of the Steer Group members who won’t be returning to the school next year.

• Jonathon Wicker, who has been committed to the school for about 16 years, and on the Steer Group in various roles for much of that time, but with his daughter now done with Year 12, he steps into a new place. Reliable, patient and extremely capable we will all miss his wry humour and baking skills.
• Lidia Mikhailova – our beautiful Twilight Market Coordinator is also departing. Another personality who with passion and vision was able to transform and invigorate this Once a Term event. Her voice will be sorely missed at meetings. I hope Dural appreciates her, and her wonderful family.

Friday 8 December Twilight Market, 3-6pm 
Tuesday 13 February Class Parent GPA Meeting 7.30pm

Contact us at

Deanne Hardwick 
Glenaeon Parents Association (GPA)

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Community News

School Canteen


Dear Parents,
Lorna and I would like to thank all the parents in the school community who took the time to come and help out in the School kitchen/café/canteen this year. We have enjoyed meeting every one of you and hope you enjoyed meeting us and seeing your child’s smiling face when they came up for morning tea and lunch. Please click READ MORE for more details.. » Read More

We are really aware that not everyone has the time, but it is a very enjoyable few hours (or so we have been told by mums and dads who have shared the space with us to assist)!
Some parents have been a tremendous help coming in once a term (you know who you all are) and even once or twice a year is still fantastic. 
Lorna and I are hoping we will see those we know and those we have yet to meet sign up at for next year .
It’s fun and interesting to talk, cook and enjoy the bush setting we are surrounded by, come check it out!
The Kitchen will finish for the year on the 8th of December so until next year term one, Merry Christmas, from Lorna and Sharon.
We wish for you plenty of wonderful food, laughs and relaxing days with children, family and friends.
Warm regards 
Sharon & Lorna

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New CEO for Steiner Education Australia

Steiner Education Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Virginia Moller to the position of Chief Executive Officer for Steiner Education Australia.

Virginia has over 38 years’ experience in education, including 25 years in Steiner education holding various teaching and leadership positions. She has had long involvement with Steiner Education Australia, as a member of the Executive and as Project Manager of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework. Click below to read more... » Read More

Virginia is currently a doctoral candidate at Sydney University researching leading practices of Steiner school principals and teachers.

Virginia has been exemplary in her role as Acting CEO role over the past 6 months and is both thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to take on this important mantle. The SEA Board welcomes Virginia and wish her every success in this key role with SEA as she continues to provide excellent support to members and upholds the integrity of Steiner education at state and national level.
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Glenaeon Holiday Care programme

Here are details about the fabulous program being offered by Glenaeon's Out of Hours School Care services these school holidays. There are heaps of activities to keep your children busy and very happy during the holidays, including Christmas art, craft & baking, healthy outdoor adventures, art days and skills.
Details on the flyer HERE. » Read More

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Archery in the school holidays

A great opportunity for new and interested students as well as seasoned archers who want to do archery over the long summer break here at our Glenaeon campus. You will get a general introduction and then practise target archery and field archery, an exciting way to use bow and arrow off the beaten track, going bush and exploring our campus by aiming at targets hidden in the bush. Much like golf, students will shoot at various targets at different locations. Much fun is guaranteed. More details see flyer.

The photos tell a good story and speak for themselves! » Read More

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Elicia Ferguson to skate in Europe

Elicia Ferguson (Year 9) is off to compete in Europe in January with Southern Sky Synchronised (synchronised ice skating team). The team competed at the Australian Figure Skating Championships in Brisbane at the weekend where they qualified to compete as Australian representatives at the Neuchatel Trophy in Neuchatel, Switzerland and the Mozart Cup in Salzburg, Austria. Everyone at Glenaeon wishes you the best of luck Elicia! » Read More

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Social media for Glenaeon

Glenaeon now has a presence not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Find us, like us or follow us and please share what you like!

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School -
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School -
Glenaeon Swap and Sell -
Glenaeon Careers Centre -
Twitter -
Instagram -
YouTube - » Read More

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Chicken carers needed for school holidays

We need people to come and look after our chickens during the school holidays so please consider helping our girls. Jobs involve checking the water is kept clean and full, topping up the food, and generally keeping an eye on them. Bonus us that you get to keep the eggs! 
Please contact Alison on » Read More

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New Uniform app

Dear Parents/ Guardians:
We are now using the QKR app for all online uniform orders. This new app replaces the old Glenaeon Uniform app, so please use the new app for all future uniform orders. Please follow all instructions on the flyer attached HERE to download the app and set up your account.
Delivery will be every Thursday during the school term free of charge.
Orders must be placed by Monday 4pm for that week’s delivery.

Please read below for more details... » Read More

There is a small selection of clothing samples available at the school for your convenience. Please try on the sizes before ordering to avoid disappointment. 
Please choose carefully as we do not refund if you simply change your mind or make a wrong selection. However, we gladly exchange. Returned merchandise MUST be in its original condition and accompanied by proof of purchase otherwise the exchange will not be honoured. Freight charges may apply to send the merchandise back. 
If you have any enquires please email
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Glenaeon Secondhand School Uniform Shop

The final Secondhand Uniform Shop of this year will be held on Friday, December 8 from 3:00 - 3:45 pm. Come and get a head start on 2018 by grabbing a bargain on uniforms! » Read More

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Found property roundup!

The school has a huge amount of clothing, uniforms, water bottles, umbrellas and other found items awaiting collection. As always, you may check for your lost property at reception. On Friday, December 8, all found items will be on displayall day in the area underneath the reception building. Please collect your items, as they will be donated at year’s end. » Read More

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Glenaeon Careers Centre

Glenaeon Careers Facebook page now has over 70 members and is constantly updating them with news about tertiary study, workshops, open days and much more. It's a brilliant resource for school leavers and those students and their families beginning to think about life after school.

Go to and ask to join the group for all the up-to-the-minute information about open days, courses, summer schools, application deadlines and articles of interest. » Read More

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Graphic design intern opportunity

Ovarian Cancer Australia is a national body for ovarian cancer in Australia. We were founded in 2001 by a group of people who were personally affected by ovarian cancer, either themselves or through someone that they loved. 

The Graphic Design volunteer will support the Fundraising team, designing the community fundraising guideline document. Click READ MORE for more details.... » Read More

Location: N/A 
Reports to: Community Fundraising Coordinator
Availability: Short-term (Mid Nov 2017 – December 2017 or January 2018)
Salary: This is an unpaid volunteer position

Key Responsibilities
• Page design and artwork according to the new OCA branding guidelines
• Typesetting of supplied content 
• Manipulation of supplied images to document

Key Selection Criteria
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills;
• High level of initiative and ability to work independently;
• High level organisational and time management skills including balancing competing priorities to meet deadlines.
• Interest in the not-for-profit sector

Applications must include: 
1. A complete current resume 
2. A portfolio if available 

Please direct any enquiries to Emily Fraser, at or 03 9289 9712.
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Parent Education

Therapeutic Storytelling

Addressing Challenging Behaviour and Developing Positive Values through the Medium of Story
A One Day Seminar with Susan Perrow for Teachers, Parents & Health Practitioners
Date: Sunday 18th February 2018
Times: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (registration – 8.45am) Cost: $50
Venue: Gleneaon Castlecrag Campus Hall, 121 Edinburgh Rd Castlecrag.
Bookings (essential): Mary 9958 0774 OR Joy Day 0451 152 227
For more details download flyer HERE. » Read More

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Raphael’s Rooms

Parent Craft



Grassroots Eco Store – Gifts all wrapped up and shopping night!

Complimentary gift wrapping and Christmas cake in the last week or term! Pop in and buy wholesome, quality Christmas gifts. Invite your family and friends so they can buy appropriate gifts with ease too. To shop without your little ones, I'll open on Monday 18 December from 6pm–8pm before the store closes for the holidays. Please call me on 0416 035 173 if you need to make a purchase outside my opening hours. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement this year! Happy holidays! Felicity Opening hours and contact details below... » Read More

Open on the Castlecrag Campus during school terms:

Monday: open on request
Tuesday: 8.45am—11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am—3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am—10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm—4.00pm (open until dusk during Twilight Market 8 Dec)

Please call me on 0416 035 173 if you'd like to make a purchase outside the opening hours as I will open on request. Also, let me know if there are other products you'd like to see in the store and I'll attempt to source them.
See you soon!
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The GAP Project

The GAP Project is a six-month program for young people (18-30) who want to discover themselves and engage meaningfully in society. At The GAP Project participants will be inspired to use their talents and passions to create change and be part of initiatives that have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.

FROM MARCH TO JULY 2018 » Read More

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Gap Project participants need rooms to rent

"The GAP Project is a new and exciting initiative brought by Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.
The Gap Project is a course for individuals, 18-30, who want to find out: Who am I? Where am I going? What is my role in society? What does the world require of me? What work can I do that is worthwhile?

The future depends on individuals able to awaken the spiritual impulses and capacities within themselves and use them creatively to make their unique contribution to the world, and with this in mind Vanessa Snaith Gardiner, and the Gap project committee is looking toward a register of interest for those who may have a room to rent out or space in their family home to house a student of the project for a few days or a week, while they find their feet in the Sydney housing market! If you have the capacity to help us with this initiative, please contact Vanessa on

The Gap Project begins in March 2018 and applications are open now. For more information head to » Read More

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Swiss au pair looking for work

Hello dear Friends,
My name is Clara and I just finished the Steiner School in Basel, Switzerland last year. Since I am doing a Gap year at the moment (where I used to work in the coffee shop of the Goetheanum, and travelling) I was wondering if there are families looking for an Au pair? As I always wanted to travel to Australia and since I was working with an Australian and he told me a lot I really want to come. Thank you so much and greetings from cold and snowy Switzerland,

You can contact me on here: 0041 (0) 76 464 0539 ; or email: » Read More

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Resilience in Kids

In the past, life experience was all you needed to become resilient. However, for many children this is no longer enough. The world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, mental illness in young Australians is on the rise and many of the broader constructs that helped build resilience in the past, such as extended families and entire communities raising children, no longer exist.

We know what resilience looks like in children now and can therefore provide skills and coping strategies - why not teach and practice these in the same way we would a musical instrument before an exam or a sport before a big game?

To find out more about our Resilience program go to » Read More

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Shen Yun visiting Sydney

Through the universal language of music and dance, Shen Yun weaves a wondrous tapestry of heavenly realms, ancient legends, and modern heroic tales, taking you on a journey through 5,000 years of Chinese culture.

An inspiring cultural and educational experience for all ages, Including live orchestra.

Sydney Lyric Theatre
February 7 - 11, 2018 » Read More

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Sunshine garden Playgroup

» Read More

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Rudolf Steiner House, Sydney

Advent is now here and the mood on the streets is changing, at least that's my perception. There is so much to Advent The beautiful exhibition 'Protecting the Imagination of Childhood' opens next week and it's certainly worth a visit. You can find the catalogue here.
Worth a visit as well is the Christmas Twilight Market on Friday 15th December at Rudolf Steiner House with many stallholders offering their products
Also, please find attached the second newsletter from the Education for Social Renewal Foundation.

And here is a link to a audio from a talk recently given by Martin Large in New Zealand.

You can access the latest newsletter of Anthroposophy Worldwide HERE

Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months: » Read More

9th December: The practice of meditation & working with self-development. This workshop is open for everyone and is part of an ongoing series on workshops on meditation and self-development. 

12th December: Exhibition opening. A retrospective art exhibition of the work of Allison Pitt. Also included will be her recent work on the theme of "Guardian Angels". 

12th December: Talk with Hal Ginges. Rudolf Steiner's ethical thought. In the second part of Philosophy of Freedom Steiner outlines his theory of ethics, which he calls ethical individualism, and for which the foundation, as for his theory of knowledge, is freedom. Unfortunately, Steiner's approach was taken up by some of his contemporaries as a justification for extreme libertarianism. In some of his later works, such as The Social Future and Towards Social Renewal, Steiner appears to be advocating a communitarian view of ethics. What does Steiner mean by "ethical individualism", and is it helpful for determining how to respond to contemporary ethical issues?

15th December: Christmas Twilight Market. Various stall holders will be setting up at Rudolf Steiner House offering their local products. A great opportunity to purchase some unique gifts. 

15th - 16th December: Initiation and Christmas. A weekend workshop in Byron Shire on Advent and how we can support the birth of our Higher Self. Please have a look here for more details.
16th December: Imagining the imagination. What is the Imagination? Join us when this intriguing subject is discussed by a panel. There will also be presentations by poets, musicians and an artist. 

16th December: Imagining the imagination. What is the Imagination? Join us when this intriguing subject is discussed by a panel. There will also be presentations by poets, musicians and an artist.

19th December: Talk with Wolfgang Devine. Festivals in the Anthroposophical Society; how can we build a living connection to the developmental rhythms and spiritual gifts. The third in a series of three presentations this term by different speakers, who will introduce the themes and then seek an exchange of views. Please prepare ahead and bring some enriching thoughts.

26th - 30th December: Holy Nights reading of the Christmas Foundation lectures. A special annual event where we read through the Christmas Foundation lectures together over a period of 5 days. 

Various 2018: Foundations of early childhood. This is a distance education course and "is an integrated study of Steiner’s picture of child development with artistic and craft experiences based on the rhythm of the year." 

Various 2018: Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education. This course is for anyone who is a qualified teacher who wishes to gain qualifications to teach in a Steiner school or for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of Anthroposophy.

Various 2018: Colour training in the Liane Collot d'Herbois method. It might seem early to mention these courses, but 2018 will be here before you know it and it might take a bit of planning to attend these course.

Various 2018: Leadership program. This is wonderful program run over four 3-day workshops in Melbourne with David Liknaitzky on leadership and how it relates to self-development, interpersonal skills, team development and organisational development. 

If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:
Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001
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Foundations (DE02) & Certificate (DE03) in Rudolf Steiner Education - Distance Teacher Training

Are you a qualified teacher who wishes to gain qualifications to teach in a Steiner School? Do you wish to deepen your knowledge of Anthroposophy?

Learn more about our Distance Teacher Training courses in 2018: » Read More

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Rudolf Steiner Book Centre

How to encourage play
The importance of free play should not be underestimated and here at the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre we often look at the wonderful toys that are available with a wish that we could spend more time on them ourselves. So the items in this newsletter are certainly not specifically suggestions for children, but for adults just as much! And many of the items down below are now in stock, but we are planning on placing an order next week with our supplier, so if you can get your order in by Thursday 30th November we'll be sure to include it. 

And now what do you do with all the materials you have a home? Well, here are some wonderful suggestions for being creative, getting active and playing.
Click below for more details... » Read More

Rudolf Steiner Book Centre
307 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9264 5169
Fax: +61 2 9267 1225
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Foundations of Early Childhood - Part-time on weekends or Distance

Do you wish to deepen your understanding in Rudolf Steiner early childhood education?
Our Foundation course offers an integrated curriculum that seeks to make living and practical Rudolf Steiner's indications on the growth of the human being from birth to the seventh year. It is suitable for aspiring teachers, playgroup leaders, parents and carers.

It is suitable for aspiring teachers, playgroup leaders, parents and carers. Learn more about our Early Childhood courses in 2018: » Read More

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Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

Teacher Training in Rudolf Steiner Education.

What is Steiner education? Do you want to become a Steiner teacher?
Full time study in 2018
We invite individuals interested in Steiner Education and Teacher training to get in contact with us for a phone or Skype to learn about our full-time accredited course, the Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education (course code 10527NAT CRICOS 071548J). 
There are still limited places available for this course, commencing early February 2018. Please click READ MORE for more details... » Read More

The Seminar has welcomed students from all states and territories of Australia and from around the world to study this course over the past twenty-five years. Hear about this unique inspiring course and find out about the rewarding career and ample employment options that await - there is a great demand for professionally trained Steiner teachers in Australia and overseas.

Our full time course, based upon the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner is aimed at individuals seeking to become a qualified registered teacher, in order to work in both Steiner schools and/or the mainstream sector, and practising teachers wanting to shift their career to work in a Steiner school.

This course offers a pathway to a Bachelor of Education at Australian Catholic, Deakin and Charles Darwin Universities and the University of Technology in Sydney. This is an accredited two year full-time course. VET Student Loans and Austudy are available for eligible students.

Where: The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood, 3134.
Phone: 03 9876-5199

We have a Facebook page with a video of our students talking about their experiences studying here
And an Instagram Account: steiner_teacher_training
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Sydney’s Best Boutique Clothing Store for Pre-loved Kid’s Clothing...

The Secret Closet, a treasure trove in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We offer the best selection of like-new quality clothing for boys and girls from newborn-12 years old.
Our boutique store hand picks great second hand kids clothes and puts them back on the racks at a fraction of their original brand retail prices.
* Lots of choice for school favourite items with capped sleeves and without logos *
Parents can trade in their children’s outgrown clothes for store credit, and browse through our constantly changing stock of trendy kids’ clothes.
Shop 4/107 Alfred Street NARRAWEENA NSW 2099
02 9971 9882 » Read More

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Hi my name is Myah Clifton and I am in Year 9 at Glenaeon. I have been doing reading with the Class Threes since the beginning of this year, and have really enjoyed spending time with the children, so I would like to offer myself for babysitting. I am also able to help with homework if needed, and I can be flexible with times.

If interested please contact me on 0422 572 997 or 02 9967 5789 » Read More

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Spirituality Coaching and Craniosacral Therapy

Start 2018 feeling like a new you OR give it as a gift to someone you love. 
Holiday specials & Gift Vouchers available for Life Coaching and Craniosacral Therapy. 
Call Jo on 0424 232 473 to arrange a voucher or book a session.

Spirituality Coaching – End of Year Promotion
CHOOSE YOU in 2018 – Goal Setting and Action Plan Coaching
$125 (Gift Vouchers Available)*

What’s included:
• A pre-consultation questionnaire – questions designed to help you get clear on what areas of your life you most want to change or grow.
• A 1.5 hr coaching call focused on setting some incredible goals to take you into the new year. Plus, action steps to get you started.
• A follow up email, adding gentle accountability for the commitments you make to yourself

25% discount offered if you decide to continue with a full coaching series. 
See for Simply Soulful Coaching details.
Click below for more details... » Read More

The biggest benefit of Life Coaching is the time you gift to yourself, where you are focused on the areas of your life you want to change, grow, expand, evolve.
Coaches are trained in deep listening practices, and use powerful questions and techniques to help draw out your hearts true desires and help you focus on what you really want in your life.
You are the expert in your life, but a coach can help you get clarity on what you want, draw out what is keeping you stuck and hold you gently accountable as you take action to achieve it.

Craniosacral Therapy – End of Year Promotion

(Gift Vouchers Available)
$225* - 3 session package – 1.5hr initial consultation plus 2 * 1hr follow up sessions

Season Special Prices – Single Sessions*
$100 - 1.5hr Adult Initial Appt
$75 – 1hr Adult Follow Up Appt
Child Appts also available

A powerful, light touch healing modality that offers a sacred energetic space for the patients’ whole system to be deeply heard, held and honoured.

The meditative space created allows the nervous system to shift from fight or flight into rest and repair – activating the body’s innate healing ability.
Using a heightened sensitivity of touch therapists energetically connect to the flows in the body.
Deeply Listening and allowing full expression promotes shifts and transformation of energetic blocks and resistances.

Sessions are guided by what the patient’s body wants to work through, and honour its ability to heal itself.
Blocks, resistances, stuck emotions & traumas are energetically released from the tissues without the need to revisit them mentally or verbally.
CST sessions are profoundly relaxing and should leave you feeling whole, balanced and aligned.

Dr Krystall Ford’s Chiropractic Clinic, 37 Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge
Thursdays from 9.15 to 5pm
Additional hours also available – contact to discuss

Contact Jo on 0424 232 473 or email at

More information at

*Promotional prices available for Coaching Sessions, CST appointments & gift vouchers purchased until 31 January 2018.
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House-sitter available over the Christmas holidays

Is there a family in Castlecrag/Middle Cove area needing house-sitting at Xmas?
We are a Glenaeon Alumni family of five visiting Sydney 22-28 December.
In exchange, we would be happy to look after pets, water gardens etc.
To discuss please contact: Margaret 0401 197 480 » Read More

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Marian St Theatre Holiday Workshops

Marian Street Theatre for Young People is the North Shore’s leading drama institution, established in 1974, and has just opened enrolments for 2018. There are holiday workshops and weekly classes Gordon, Chatswood, Killara and Lindfield for 5 – 18 years. Get in contact to find out more about their excellent drama programs. » Read More

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Diversity PA

Diversity PA offers a bespoke service for busy families and small business owners in the Lower North Shore. With over 17 years experience, I can assist with a variety of tasks including (for details click below):

Bookings are available onsite (in the Chatswood area) or virtually, on a casual basis if needed. If you’re interested in this type of service please see for more information or contact Michelle on 0420 43 23 83. » Read More

• Account reconciliation & bill payments
• Archiving, filing and stock-take
• Creating & distributing marketing material 
• Database management, data entry and collating reports
• Event, birthday or holiday coordination 
• Formatting documents, templates and presentations
• Home or office organisation
• Managing your schedule, appointments and phone calls
• Personal errands or shopping 
• Project administration & office management
• Website updates and so much more…
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Provence French Summer School 2018

Greetings from the Avignon Steiner-Waldorf School in sunny Provence! We want to let you know that Registration is now open for our Provence French Summer School 2018 for students from around the world who want to improve their French and spend a lovely holiday with us here in Provence, in the South of France. Click below for more details... » Read More

Our programme last two weeks and is designed for students aged 15 to 18. They stay with local French families, enjoy French lessons every morning and spend afternoons together in creative workshops, games, art or theatre sessions and cultural outings. We hope to run 3 courses next year if we get enough participants, 2 parallel ones from 15 - 29 July (beginner + more advanced) and 1 mixed-level one from 29 July - 12 August. Students on the two July courses will have separate French lessons, but will share the activities and outings.
For more information, go to or click HERE to see the flyer.
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Seasonal Yoga

School Hall Castlecrag Campus
Saturday, 8am-9am. Casual class $20, 10 pass card $150 . Mats provided.
Enquiries: Lisa Kavanagh 0409319289 or
Help to bring balance to body, calm the mind, strengthen core, improve flexibility.
Suitable for beginners to advanced. » Read More

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Community Events


See Calendar

Middle Cove Campus:

Administration & Classes 3 to 12
5a Glenroy Avenue,
Middle Cove NSW 2068

Telephone 61 2 9417 3193
Fax 61 2 9417 5346

Castlecrag Campus:

Kindergarten-Class 2
121 Edinburgh Road,
Castlecrag NSW 2068

Telephone 61 2 9958 0774
Fax 61 2 9958 0754

Preschool Campus:

118 Sydney Street,
Willoughby NSW 2067

Telephone 61 2 9412 4457