Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

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Class 5 Play

Class 5 performed their play, The Odyssey

Dad's Craft Beer workshop

Class 2 and Kindy dads have been crafting away for Prince of Pockets at this year's Family Fair.

Foundation Update

This Term we plan to hold a range of class meetings and school events in the new Community Kitchen precinct, to allow you to experience this wonderful new facility first hand; we look forward to welcoming you in for a coffee soon!

Russian Folk Songs for Class 3

This Thursday, Class 3 had a special visitor who came all the way from Russia.

Class 5 Greek Olympics

Every spring, the Class 5 communities of Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School and Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School come together for a very special event.

Class 3 at the Yurt Farm

Class 3 students, their parents and siblings, together with teacher, Rodney Dean, spent the weekend at the Goulburn Yurt farm as part of their Farming Main Lesson.

More Recent Stories

Class 5 Play

Class 5 performed their play, The Odyssey

Eurythmy Festival

Years 4 to 12 were treated to a beautiful Eurythmy festival at assembly this week

Class 6 play, Pinocchio

Class 6 performed Pinocchio, their class play last week

ISD Netball Carnival

Both the junior and senior teams were highly competitive at the recent ISD Netball competition

Class 5 maypole

Class 5 finally danced in the Spring with their maypole

Ice skating

A keen group of eight students took to the ice and found themselves on very shaky and slippery grounds

Class 4 History of Writing

Class 4 have been studying the History of Writing

Class 5 Greek Olympics

It was a most successful Greek Olympics

Class 2 handmade surprises for Prince of Pockets

Class 2 parents have been busy all year making fun suprises

Class 4 rolling up their sleeves

Class 4 are all over the school...gathering, cleaning, preparing everything for the Fair