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Class 5 Play

Class 5 performed their play, The Odyssey

Class 5 Play

Class 5 performed their play, The Odyssey

Eurythmy Festival

Years 4 to 12 were treated to a beautiful Eurythmy festival at assembly this week

Class 6 play, Pinocchio

Class 6 performed Pinocchio, their class play last week

ISD Netball Carnival

Both the junior and senior teams were highly competitive at the recent ISD Netball competition

Class 5 maypole

Class 5 finally danced in the Spring with their maypole

More Recent Stories

Year 7 Pythagoras Main Lesson

Elena Rowan has been teaching her Year 7 class about Pythagoras

Class 2 in the garden

Class 2 have been busy in the Castlecrag garden

Class 3 wall building

Class Three are building a cob wall and bench

Class 4 cubby building

How's this amazing cubby made by some of the Class Four students?

Droughtbreaking work in the garden

This week we prepared a magic potion of the Biodynamic sort

Glenaeon's War on Waste

Hall curtains repurposed

Garden sculptures

Our Middle Cove garden is resplendent with some new sculptures

Class 6 recycling our trees

Class 6 are learning all about reusing the trees

Class 4 carve runes with intention

Class 4 have been carving runes

Glenaeon hosts Japanese students from Kiyosu

Glenaeon hosted Japanese students from Kiyosu this week