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Handwork from Term 3

The children, students and parents were very industrious in handwork and textiles last term

Handwork from Term 3

The children, students and parents were very industrious in handwork and textiles last term

Class 2 Spring Festival

The rain may have cancelled the Spring Festival

Class 2 Eurythmy

Parents were treated to a beautiful display and explanation of some of the term's Eurythmy and dance work

Year 7 Polynesia Main lesson

Year 7 made these Polynesian shields during their Visual Arts lessons

Paddling to school

Year 12 students, Mitch Wood and Ed Bacon, decided to try an alternative travelling option to school recently

More Recent Stories

Foundation Update

This term we are holding Class Coffee Meetings in the Amphitheatre to allow you to experience the Community Kitchen firsthand.

Castlecrag campus news

On Friday 4th November all children at Castlecrag Campus will be finishing at 12.30pm.

Year 10 Theatre and Stagecraft

If you're interested in behind-the-scenes aspects of the drama industry, Year 10 is displaying their Theatre and Stagecraft Assessments in the Senior Library this week.

Sumerian Statues

This week's photo shows the Year 9 Sumerian statues display in the Senior Library, produced during their Prehistoric to Roman Main Lesson.

Glass Jars needed for the Fair

Please collect glass jars smaller than 350ml and bring them to the office at Castlecrag.

Dad's Craft Beer workshop

Class 2 and Kindy dads have been crafting away for Prince of Pockets at this year's Family Fair.

Foundation Update

This Term we plan to hold a range of class meetings and school events in the new Community Kitchen precinct, to allow you to experience this wonderful new facility first hand; we look forward to welcoming you in for a coffee soon!

Russian Folk Songs for Class 3

This Thursday, Class 3 had a special visitor who came all the way from Russia.

Class 5 Greek Olympics

Every spring, the Class 5 communities of Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School and Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School come together for a very special event.

Class 3 at the Yurt Farm

Class 3 students, their parents and siblings, together with teacher, Rodney Dean, spent the weekend at the Goulburn Yurt farm as part of their Farming Main Lesson.