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The Shepherd's Play at Glenaeon - a unique event!

The Shepherds’ Play was performed on Tuesday evening

The Shepherd's Play at Glenaeon - a unique event!

The Shepherds’ Play was performed on Tuesday evening

Yr 12 Formal

T'was was a balmy summers evening upon the green...

Class 2 visit St Paul's Retirement Village

Class 2 spent this term steeped in the wondrous legends of the saints

Elicia Ferguson Art success

Elicia Ferguson was a finalist in the Joy Ewart Scholarship

Wires visit school to chat to Class 3 and 4

Wires volunteer, Sharni, visited Class 3 and 4 this week

More Recent Stories

Year 7 mural

This is a photo of this year's Year 7 study of perspective drawing, culminating in a mural outside their classroom as a gift for Year 7 2017!

Doctors Without Borders

Glenaeon's PDHPE teacher, Jonas Stoebe, has a brother, who works for Doctors without Borders and he came in to school this week to talk to Year 9.

Shepherds Play 2016

This photo was taken at The Shepherds Play, performed with humour, talent and great love by our wonderful teachers.

Earth Stewardship

Year 8's current Main Lesson is all about caring for and understanding our Earth.

Year 8 Project Presentations

This photo was taken at the Year 8 Project Presentation night last Friday, in the Sylvia Brose Hall.

The Shepherd's Play

An important event is happening next week on the evening of Wednesday December 7th.

Glenaeon Scholarships for 2018 now open

Glenaeon offers scholarships for new and existing students in our Middle and Senior Schools, and applications are now open for 2018.

Year 8 Shakespeare plays

Year 8 students performed the second of their Shakespeare plays last Thursday night - Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet.

Year 12 Formal

This photo was taken at the Year 12 formal last Saturday night at the Roseville Golf Course. Don't they look amazing?!

Year 8 Platonic Solids Main Lesson

Year 8's latest Main Lesson reflects the Ancient Greek idea of the study of geometry as a fundamental pursuit in order to refine the mind and nourish the thinking.