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Year 10 Geography lesson

PDHPE lessons at the beach

Blackboard Beauty

This week's blackboard comes from the current Class 3 Grammar Main Lesson, and was drawn by class teacher, Alisa Southon.

Gymnastics Success for Year 9 Student

The Australian Gymnastics Championships were held in Melbourne over two weeks from 22 May until 4 June.

Year 9 Art Excursion

Year 9 Visual Arts students visited the John Olsen exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW this week, as part of their exploration of the art of landscapes.

Preschool Sushi Day

Last Wednesday at the Preschool, one of the fathers who is a professional sushi chef came to make sushi with the children.

Class Five Camp

Class 5 recently travelled to the Blue Mountains and Blackheath for their annual camp.

More Recent Stories

Year 10 Geography lesson

PDHPE lessons at the beach

Year 8 food chemistry lesson starts in the garden

Year 8 students are learning about Food Chemistry

The Chemistry of Fire

Year 7 Chemistry of Fire main lesson

Carla da Roza (2017) reflects on her time at Glenaeon

Carla da Roza, downloaded her HSC results in the Flagstaff, Arizona Walmart store

Class One pancakes

On Tuesday Class 1 celebrated Shrove Tuesday

Chinese Eurythmy at assembly

Middle Cove students and staff witnessed a very special Eurythmy performance

Year 8 Aboriginal Stick Throwing Games

Year 8 introduced to throwing stick

Class 6 in a pickle

Class 6 had fun ‘quick’ pickling our beans from the garden.

Class 4 dyeing to make pouches

Class 4 dyed and embroidered their cross stitch pouches this week.

Year 7 learning to trust each other

Year 7 classes have been playing games where trust is the key