Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

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The last handshake for the year

On the last day of school for many years now, everyone on the Middle Cove campus lines up for a farewell handshake

Final Assembly

Glenaeon's final Middle Cove assembly took place

Year 8 clear up the creek

Year 8 were sent on a Treasure Hunt

Glenno cup

The Glenno Cup is a hard-fought competition waged every year

More Recent Stories

Nature Tables

Nature Tables are seen in many Steiner Classrooms. They are used as a way to connect children with the rhythms of the natural world around them.

Year 7 King Arthur Main Lesson

It's not just our smaller students who paint wet-on-wet. Year 7 have also been using this technique to paint images of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, which is associated with the legend of King Arthur.

The Rite Journey

For the first time Dani and I conducted the Rite Journey Class Sleep Over as a mixed (big) group, which went very well.

We visited the Zoo!

Year 9 art students visited Taronga Zoo this week, to further study animals. The observations and sketches they undertook will inform a 3-D work in clay later in the term.

Wildlife Rescue

Did you know we have our very own wildlife rescuer here at Glenaeon?

Playgroup at Castlecrag

In playgroup this term we have so much to celebrate as the long Summer days sparkle through our homes and into our souls.

Class 3 Therapeuticum

Class 3 spend an hour each week hearing and sharing stories, making craft, cooking and generally helping each other feel better about themselves and each other.

Blackboard of the week

This week's blackboard comes from the Class 6 Australian Pioneers Main Lesson, and was drawn by class teacher, Brendan Strobl.

Year 9 Visual Art

This photo comes from a stunning selection of Year 9 Visual Arts' work, which is currently on display in the Senior Library.

Blackboard of the week

This week's blackboard comes from the Class 2 Aesop's Fables Main Lesson, and was drawn by class teacher, Tamara Da Silva.